eM not working as it should

Today I have installed eM Client which found my two email addresses, unfortunately only the @gmail address is recognised, the @Sky address cannot be found.
When I start the program there is also a password required box appears which rejects every combination of my pw I enter (or is it the username) and I just can’t find a way of changing the pw or user name to something else, can anybody tell me what I have done wrong? regards Robert. 

Hello Robert,

If you have a problem with the automatic set up of your @sky address, please set the account up manually (when adding a new account, skip the Automatic setup, instead select Mail - Other and fill in the necessary information https://www.sky.com/help/articles/get-emails-on-other-clients#!whole-nav-1831394da0-other-email-clie…


Hi Maurice,  thanks for your reply, I will try as you suggested, but I also need to know why the password required box comes up everytime I open the program, and then rejects the PW I used to setup the program, I suppose I will need to actually loginto the program to change the pw but I can’t  if my pw is always rejected or will it be easier to uninstall and reinstall the em program

Hello R,
since Sky mail addresses belong to Yahoo! now it is also possible that your security settings have been changed and you now need a special application password to use with eM Client.
To understand application passwords and how to set them up, please check this article - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN15241.html


Hi Olivia, I have looked at the link you posted and it says to find and turn on the account key, but it does not say where to find it in the eM Client, I have checked the Tools and Accounts but I can’t see any provision to turn it on or anywhere else in the menu , although the program is receiving emails I think it is going to be a bit to technical for me, I need something which works right away, regards Robert. 

Hello R,
the setting is actually in the web setting of your mail account, not inside eM Client.
If you are successfully receiving mail it seems that this solution does not apply in your case.
Can you send mail without a problem as well or do you get errors?

Hi again Olivia, yes I am receiving mail but it will not send as the password required box appears and asks for my pw which it always rejects, and I can’t find a way to reset the pw.

Hello R,
if your password works for received messages (IMAP) it must work for sending (SMTP) as well, it is the same password.
Maybe check if you have the correct password setup under the SMTP tab in Menu>Tools>Accounts.
Also, do you have a Calendar set up with your Sky account? The error could also perhaps be caused by it.
I suggest trying to disable the CalDAV and CardDAV service in the general tab and see if the password prompts keep popping up:


Hi Olivia, thanks for for your help, mails will come into the eM Client inbox but when I start the program the “Password required for imap” box appears,
and when I put in the  pw which I thought I made, and the several variations of it I have tried they are always rejected, maybe because I wrote it down wrong, I don’t know?? but I have tried all the different variations.
When I highlight the Sky account in accounts the “Authentication”  pw box is blank, and whatever pw I put in it is always rejected, when I highlight the gmail account there is no box for a pw, I have unchecked the CalDev and the CardDev as suggested and I have also unchecked the google calendar.
If this problem can be sorted, I would also like to have the Sky account showing in the Mail menu on the left hand side as the google account does, the only place which shows that I have a Sky account is the accounts box.  Regards Robert.  


if your sky is not in the left-side folders menu then the mail from it is probably not synchronized. From your description you have a google account as well so the mail is from that account?
In that way you really need to find out your password and set up the account anew, for example here - https://www.sky.com/help/articles/forgotten-username-or-password

i have the same problem.  i am msn.com   the box pops up with the same messages and i do not have sky.  very frustrating