eM mail will not accept mail.btinternet.com for imap server

when setting up my bt account it will only accept the old yahoo mail address and port 25. Will not recognise the bt address for imap account

did you try setting the email account manually? To do so, choose new account and select the Mail tab instead of the automatic setup.
You should be able to insert all of your mail settings.

If that doesn’t work, check back with me,

It does not work.

can you try adjusting the setup not-working email to this settings, provided by btinternet? (http://bt.custhelp.com/app/answers/de…)

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When I use the BT recommended SMTP port of 465 Email Client won’t work.
If I replace it with 25 it works fine.
So that is how I am set up now.

I have tried Outlook/Firebird/Live mail and Opera and they all work with the correct BT settings.

However, I really like Email client and want to continue to use it. I am nervous that when BT finally leave Yahoo and switch to another provider that my present settings will not work.


I’ve consulted your issue with developers and it really might be an issue on our side.

If you’re using port 25 you need to select the security policy to either “don’t use secure connection” or “use SSL/TLS if available” or “Force usage of SSL/TLS” and if you’re using port 465 there has to be last option chosen (the one that ends with “legacy”). Let me know if setting the mail to these settings resolves the issue.

Anyways using the port 25 shouldn’t be a problem, even if it’s not a recommended settings from btinternet.

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Perfect - Thankyou.


Hi again, sorry I changed the answer while you were reading it (probably), please recheck it so there’s no misunderstanding.

Thank you and sorry about this.

Ah OK!

Let me have a go at this

Right - tried all those changes
Sadly I cannot find any settings that will allow me to get my mail.

None of the settings I used before work and I am foxed.

I have let diagnostics run for the third time and it comes up with no help.

I can now not access my mail with eM client.

sorry can you make a screenshot of your current settings of your IMAP server and your SMTP server (or if you’re using POP instead of IMAP, then of your POP server) and post it here?

Previously you only had an issue with sending emails right, now the issue is with both sending and receiving?

Can you maybe try to setup the account from scratch (ie. delete the current account and use the automatic setup again)?

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you,

My present set up is that which was used prior to my request.

However, I cannot received any mail with this setting and the programme will not download the folders on the server. ( I tried reinstalling EM Mail) If I try diagnostics it will find and correct the outgoing settings (25) and the programme will send. Although I am sending this on Thunderbird. The same IMAP settings work on Outlook 2010/TBird and on my Tablet and Phone.
If I try diagnostics on IMAP it cannot find the correct settings and when I ask it to FIX it says it can find the server but it wants my password. Putting the CORRECT password does not FIX the problem.

I am going to all this trouble purely because I have been using this software for some time and like it very much. This has only arisen because BT have asked us to switch over from the Yahoo address to the BT one. As I say their new settings work on every client that I have tried - Except this one.

Good luck!

Clive Hall

first of all try changing the security policy in your IMAP settings to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”. And can you please send the current settings of SMTP as well?

If you’re using port 25 on SMTP change the security policy to “Use SSL/TLS if available”.

These settings should work,
Thank you for your patience,

Tried that - No joy I am afraid

Clive Hall


You may be interested to know that I tried an automatic set up for Yahoo and that worked. I can now use my BT account again. (Through eM Client) But according to BT I should be able to use their settings and as I have explained to you I can use the BT settings on all the other clients I have tried including 3 different Android devices.

I have also put Em Client on my laptop as an experiment and I got exactly the same results as I have with my PC - so it is not the computer.

I am now nervous that when BT finally shift their btinternet accounts from Yahoo servers to the new server provider that I will not be able to use Em Client. This should concern you because BT is probably the biggest email provider in the UK and there must be many of your customers who will be in my position.

Hope you manage to resolve the issue. Please keep me in touch.

Clive Hall

Likewise here I cant setup imap for my BT account but can on Windows live mail etc etc. The imap tab just inst there to setup Automaticaly or manually

Hi Jeff, it is possible that with BT Internet accounts, eM Client may only be able to setup a POP3 account by default, have you tried to setup the account as IMAP using the manual setup under the Mail tab, instead of using the automatic setup? What account settings have you used (e.g. for the incoming server address)?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer?

Thank you,

Hi Paul Thank you for the response. I have in face sorted the problem. Using the manual Mail setup
EM client V 6.020899.0

bt settings I believe
it was the port number causing the problems.

So thank you for getting back to me Paul hopefully this will help others who have just had ther Bt Mail switched from Yahoo.


Hi again Jeff, I’m glad we’ve found a solution for this issue, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,