EM Mail 10 Categories

After installing EM Mail 10 on MACOS, all of my new emails are showing up in the “Other” Category rather than the “Primary” category. How can I correct this? Also, how can I move the emails that are showing up in “Other” to “Primary”?



If you don’t want categorization at all, you can disable it in Settings->Mail->Categories->Show Categories.

After installing EM Mail 10 on MACOS, all of my new emails are showing up in the “Other” Category rather than the “Primary” category

That is strange “all your emails are going into the Categories / Other tab”.

Could be possibly some eg: rule you may have setup via “Tools / Rules” that is maybe affecting that, or could be a possible issue with specific accounts in V10 Beta on Mac.

So suggest to first go to eM Client Rules and temporarily to test “remove all the checkboxes”, and then close rules and then see if it still happens. If new mail then doesn’t all go into the Other Categories tab, you will need to dbl-click each rule to look inside them to find the problem one and then disable or change that one.

However if disabling rules made no difference, then could be to do with V10 Beta.

Now the V10 Beta blog, does mention “the algorithm still requires more work if this is a eg: Non Gmail account” as pert the quotes further down.

So i would send that problem to [email protected] as per the V10 Beta eM Client blog quotes below from the webpage.

In the meantime till thats sorted, “Right click on the Other tab” and click “Category Tabs / Other” to remove check from the Other Tab so new mail doesn’t show up in there. You can enable and disable any other category tabs the same way.


Categorization for non-Gmail accounts

Quote - Our algorithm for categories still requires some more work, but please do let us know if you feel it completely misclassifies some of your messages - in such case, please include the message saved as EML file in the report (right-click > Save as).

Quote - In case you come across any issues with the Beta version, please make sure to report them to our support team at [email protected] and we will look into each reported problem in detail.

How can I correct this? Also, how can I move the emails that are showing up in “Other” to “Primary”?

You carn’t move them manually atm between categories, but from a recent eM Client thread on that subject, eM Client are working on a way to easy move them between the various categories. So keep an eye out for later V10 Beta releases via the release history page.

Thank you! That worked for me as I do not need categorization.

Thank you for responding! I do not have any rules set. I don’t need categories so disabling this feature worked for me. That said, I will look for updates and info on the forum.

One other thing I noticed when I turned off categorization - the number of unread emails in my inbox will show the number for the “Other” category (in red) rather than the number in the “Primary” category. I can get it to display the number in the “Primary” category by clicking on the number itself. That said, this tells me the the program is categorizing all my emails in the background whether I have categorization enabled or not. It also tells me that my original concern about nearly all of my new emails received since the update are going into the “Other” category. I think the Categories feature has issues.

Can you send a screenshot what number are you talking about? If you talk about the red number next to Inbox it is not Unread count, but number of recently received messages (a new feature in v.10 that has nothing to do with categories). Why do you think it is a number of messages in “Other” category? If you don’t like these Recent messages counters, they can be switched off.

Thank you for responding. I misunderstood what the red number was for. I mistakenly thought it was the “Other” unread mail count. Thank you for explaining it. I have Categories turned off.