eM keeps creating folders I delete - Spectrum IMAP

I’ve deleted IMAP folders from the Webmail side of Spectrum, but eM Client keeps recreating them. I’ve also tried deleting them on eM Client, but it keeps recreating them, which in turn they’re recreated on the IMAP server side. The Special Folders mapping I’ve done is correct, emails appear where they should. 

Does anyone know how to solve this? It appears these are folders created by eM, but I can’t delete them. They serve no purpose.

Thanks in advance.

It was a server side problem. 

Steve, can you explain how it was fixed?  I have Spectrum and have the same problem.  If you fixed it, I would appreciate knowing how.

I have the same problem and have learned to ignore it (but not happily). This may or may not be related, but for a while I was getting an error message that emClient didn’t have permissions to create a folder in the Trash folder. I think it was asking specifically for acl permissions. So I examined all of the permissions on my local Trash folder – all good. And I can’t find a way to set permissions on my server folders.

Just in case this is helpful …