em keeps crashing upon start

I just installed em today. Worked fine for the first hour, then suddenly the app crashed and is continuing to immediately crash upon start up ever since. I have tried restarting the computer and reinstalling the app, but no change. 

If it is crashing because of some database or settings problem, you could start with a blank database and see if there is any difference.To delete the database, close eM Client, and then delete or rename C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. You may have to show hidden items in Explorer to do that.

Thanks. I did try this earlier and it solved the problem. Not sure why the db got corrupted less than 2 hours after installation. Hopefully, this is not a recurring problem.

Thanks again!

The same issue is happening again now. It looks like it starts when there is a calendar notification that pops up. After that, em client crashes and then continues to crash. Please advice.

I deleted the database and used a new one and the same thing happened right after the Google calendar reminder popped up and I DIsmissed it. It looks like it crashes while trying to upload something. I see the same issue existed 1 year ago that someone experienced. Please advice.

Maybe open Google Calendar in you web browser and remove the reminder for that event.

The issue is not with one event. Any reminder causes the crash and corrupts the db. This seems to be a critical bug in the app since it makes Google Calendar unusable.

I am not seeing that. As far as I can tell, the application works just fine with Google Calendar, including reminders on events.

I guess there might be something else that is the cause of what you are experiencing.

This happened to me related to Google Calendar too. A reminder popped up. I set snooze for 10 min and clicked on snooze all. Then it crashed. On restart checked the DB and crashed again after the main window opened and it started updating something. Changing the event in google calendar didn’t help.

Danila, is the calendar setup as an Internet Calendar (ical) or as an account?

I was able to fix the problem by:

  1. deleteing the local db (in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client directory)
    2) Uninstalling em Client
    3) Reinstalling em Client
    4) Re-adding the gmail account

    Hope this solves your issue.

It is not necessary to reinstall eM Client. Removing the database removes all accounts and settings. Actually, removing just the account from eM Client would have had the same effect.

Just be careful, deleting the database also deletes any local folder data. So if you have a POP3 account, or local calendars and contacts, you WILL lose all that data.

The reason why I asked Danila about how the calendar is setup in eM Client is that there seems to be some bug with Internet calendars and reminders. This is not there if the calendar is setup as an account, liie you have as part of your GMail account.

Just removing the DB / account didn’t solve the problem for me. It was the combination of removing the db and installing a fresh client app that seemed to work (though I could sware I had tried this before to fix the problem weeks ago). 

Also, I had to delete the local db because the client would not start with the existing (corrupted) local db. Eventually, I kept a local copy of the db without calendar set up in the account so that I didn’t have to re-enter the account info everytime the client crashed. In my case, because I had a local copy of a working db, after I reinstalled the client app, I tested it by only adding the Google calendar account and when it seemed to work, I moved to my previous copy of the db that had my email settings and re-added calendar to the account. Seemed to get the issue fixed with this process. 

If it worked for you, that’s great! Maybe you had problems with the eM Client installation, database and account setup. If Danila’s problem is with an Internet calendar, just deleting the calendar will solve the problem.

After having eM Client working for several years today it closed itself. I clicked to start it again but it wants to check the integrity of the database. And it is finding the db corrupted. So It does not open at all. I changed the name of the db folder and started it againg and it worked. But I need to import all my info from my old db to the new. Any idea on how to do this? 

Generally if the database is corrupt then there is not much you can do. However, if it is just a single file in the database, maybe there is a solution. Can you paste the complete error here?

Of course if you are using IMAP or Exchange then all your message data will be on the server. Also, if your calendars and contacts are synced, then they will also be online, so setting up the accounts in the new database will sync all that. What exactly do you want to keep from the old database?