eM hijacks default mail program

I’ve searched the forum and have seen similar posts but no resolution. I have eM and Outlook on my Windows 10 pc. In eM, settings indicate “This application is not the default mail handler.” In Windows App settings, Mail is set to use Outlook as the default. But if I am in an Office program (Word, PPT, Excel) and click Email as Attachment button, eM opens instead of Outlook.

I uninstalled/reinstalled eM. Initially, by not modifying selections in the Windows App settings, it was going to Outlook. But now a week or two later, it has reverted to eM.

Has anyone found a fix to this? I really like eM but need to use Outlook for work as the primary.

That’s a bit cheeky asking how to set MS Outlook as the default on an eM Client forum!!!

LOL. I want to be using eM for my personal accounts but have to use Outlook for work. The alternative is to go back to the GMAIL app, but I’m not a big fan of it.


You can change that in your Windows settings. Apps > Default apps.

Instead of eM Client, choose MS Outlook.

eM Client’s claim that it is not the default, is maybe not worded correctly. I think it should be “This application is not the default mail handler for ALL OPTIONS.”

Once you set all the additional options in your Windows settings, it does claim to be default.

I may have found the “fix”. Although both eM and Windows were set up for Outlook as default, the Registry still showed eM.  Under Current_User > Software > Clients > Mail, I changed the Value Data from eM to Outlook. It is now working, for the moment.

I really like the clean interface and usability of eM.

Thanks for the fix! That has been bugging me for a while. Changed all the default file types and default email program (Outlook) in Windows Settings, but eM always opened instead. And like you, I use Outlook for work…