eM from old to new pc

How do I move eM from my old Computer to my new?

Copy whole directory of program and whole directory of your current profile, then install program on top of existing files.

If you are not experienced computer user, backup your database using eM Client, install eM Client on new computer and restore database. This method is longer because of zip compression, but easier.

  1. On the old computer make a backup using Menu > Backup.

  2. Go to Menu > Help > License and deactivate your license.

  3. Copy the backup zip file to the new computer.

  4. After installing eM Client, go to Menu > File > Restore.

  5. Activate the application in Menu > Help > License.

There is no reason to copy the program directory. Just install eM Client, which you need to do anyway, and that will take care of the program.

You’re right. It’s just good method for some programs to keep settings, but in case eM Client it’s not necessary.

Bad that eM Client has no option to setup leven of compression - these days drives are big, lan network is fast etc. so zip without compression will be just faster method.

Yes, absolutely, but all eM Client’s settings are in the database directory, not the program directory. :wink:

Yeah. I think it balances compression with speed, rather than going for the best compression. There are a few other things that the backup does besides compressing the files; it also combines the SQL wal files (the write ahead cache) back into the original dat files.

My database directory is about 450MB. With WinRAR best compression, I get 92MB. eM Client backup is 120MB. Not too bad though.