eM Freezes and is unusable when clicking on PDF attachment

Latest version 5 Client is freezing when I click on a PDF that is attached in an email sent to me. Not every PDF attachment but about 50%. I’m in the 30 day trial frame and considering purchasing but this is a HUGE problem for me. I get a lot of PDFs and each time I try and access the attachment it completely freezes eM. I have to ctrl+alt+delete and force close the application. I’m running Windows 7 64-bit. Thanks. ~ Todd

Now after shutting down eM though Task Manager/Application eM will not start unless I reboot the system??

When I restart the computer a running application window comes up prior to shutting down windows that says “eM is un-initializing”?

Here’s the Windows Event Info…

  • System

  • Provider

[Name] Application Hang

  • EventID 1002

[Qualifiers] 0

Level 2

Task 101

Keywords 0x80000000000000

  • TimeCreated

[SystemTime] 2013-04-04T04:06:47.000000000Z

EventRecordID 14772

Channel Application

Computer i7_950


  • EventData

C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe


Binary data:

In Words

0000: 00720043 0073006F 002D0073 00680074
0008: 00650072 00640061 00430000 006F0072
0010: 00730073 0070002D 006F0072 00650063
0018: 00730073 00000000

In Bytes

0000: 43 00 72 00 6F 00 73 00 C.r.o.s.
0008: 73 00 2D 00 74 00 68 00 s.-.t.h.
0010: 72 00 65 00 61 00 64 00 r.e.a.d.
0018: 00 00 43 00 72 00 6F 00 …C.r.o.
0020: 73 00 73 00 2D 00 70 00 s.s.-.p.
0028: 72 00 6F 00 63 00 65 00 r.o.c.e.
0030: 73 00 73 00 00 00 00 00 s.s…


The program MailClient.exe version 5.0.17595.0 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.
Process ID: cd8
Start Time: 01ce309092d91cb1
Termination Time: 6
Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe
Report Id:

Hello, I would need some more info… What is the Pdf viewer you are using? Could you please install a different pdf viewer, set it as default and try it? Thanks

Hi Tom,
I have a purchased version; Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. Why would this cause such a hard crash of eM? When this happens I can open, use, and close Acrobat fine; but eM is completely frozen and I have to reboot the machine just to get it working again. I haven’t had to reboot a computer for a software crash since WinME. :wink:
You could just terminate the program and then restart it. eM won’t do this? Is eM using a script that may be crashing?
Thanks for your help.

if the Pdf attachments are the only which causes a crash and the other not, we have to start from the viewer you use.
But it doesn’t have be the attachments opening itself which causes the crash - and I have one more question to you - after you move mouse over an attachment, a small popup window with a file preview should appear. Does this work correctly? Because in the past we had several users having trouble with this…
And regarding the crash diagnosis - please download the following tool http://www.emclient.com/tools/emdump.exe and run it when eM Client stops responding. It should generate a memory dump in your Documents folder. The dump can be quite large - if you have any option where you can upload it, please do it so and send me a link at bambuch@emclient.com, if not, please send me a mail and I will send you credentials to our ftp account on Monday.

Thanks and I will definitely do that.
Yes the windows pops up when I roll over the attachment with the mouse. I’ll have to pay more attention next time it happens as I don’t expect it; but I believe the crash happens when I double-click on the attachment to open it. Now let’s see if I can re-create this. Never happens when you want it to! :wink:

I do love this email program and will probably purchase it at the end of my trial. A Nice job!


I have the problem you tell and. Whenm I mouse over an atachment,it stalls quite a long time before showinmg up a preview. Normally, I quit waiting and I caannot open the atached pdf.

I have the current version 5.0.18025.0 and I’m in the last trial day. I’m not sure to buy a license because iy is very unresponsible when freezes while I mouse over atachments.

I’ve had a similar problem for months, with all attachments. Any email with an attachment will often freeze emClient for a few minutes. I’m told it’s to do with IMAP/Gmail. Needs fixing.

If you still have the freezing problem, contact me directly at wilson@emclient.com. Thank you.

I have this problem with all adobe pdf attachments (version XI). As soon as emclient recognises a pdf it freezes for a long enough time that you leave your desk and come back. This includes if you happen to click on a summary email in the right preview box that happens to have a pdf attached to it, even though you have no intention to open the email let along the attachment. Of course I know now that emclient is just thinking and taking it’s time, but prior to that I was clicking all over the place and had to shut down and start over and shut down and start over…this went on for quite some time until I figured out that it wasn’t my computer. Who’s problem is this Adobe or emclient and how do I fix it.


please try to use this version: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v5.0.183… it should resolve your problem, if not contact us here again.


I installed the link, but didn’t work. When I hover over the PDF, you can see the blue circle flutter then disappear. Minutes later when things unfreeze, when I hover, then I can see the box that asks “open” and I can proceed. This is more info on the existing issue. Nothing changed.

I tried too, but didn’t work. BTW It’s not just pdfs if freezes for for me, it’s any attachment.


then please contact me on galis@emclient.com and we will need to setup Teamviewer session to resolve this problem.


Hi all, i just buyed EM Client and i’ve the same problems about attachments.

Version installed: 5.0.18661.0


if you have bought eM Client pro then you can use pro support as you have priority over free users. Also it is more comfortable for you to solve it over pro support system.

this is link to paid support http://support.emclient.com/

Anyway if you are having problems with .pdf and you are using adobe reader X then try to downgrade to 9th version or upgrade to 11th version.

with regards