eM error


I’m using eM Client in Czech republic, where it works fine for me.
But in nowdays I’m in Canda and there’s a problem with sending e-mails. Email is registrated on Czech web centrum.cz
Day ago I upgrated to version 7.2.35595.0, but problem is still here.
Do you know what can it be? I’ve not changing any settings in your software. Isn’t problem in local settings of wifi network? When I use web interface at centrum.cz, everything works fine…
Thaks for answers.

This can be because in Czech you are connecting to the email server on the same network provided by your Internet provider and you are using lower security settings. Typically this happens with port 25 and it may be rejected when you are on another network. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the SMTP tab for your account. Change the port to 587 , and the security policy to Force usage of SSL/TLS.

Or it could be caused by your anti-virus or firewall application. Temporarily disable those and see if that helps. If you are able to send, then you will need to reconfigure those applications.

Thank you, Gary.
I’ve changed as you advice, but same problem is still there.
I’ll try a-v settings.

EDIT: So second e-mail is now working fine, but centrum is not working already. I’ve tried to change a-v settings but there wasn’t any change.