EM Client won't work with anti-virus software

I have bought the pro version of EM Client but it won’t work with AVG anti virus software due to emails being encrypted. Could you let me know how I can get around this as I currently have no protection on my emails and a flood of viruses coming through!!

As I recall, I had a similar problem with Norton. I just don’t remember if it was in relation to eM Client or Windows 10. My solution was to switch to Webroot SecureAnywhere and I have had no further problems.


Sorry for the late reply. As a Pro user, you have access to our VIP support system (the login information is in the email your received when you purchased your license), which guarantees a much faster response.

Can you please tell me what kind of settings are you using in AVG and what are your IMAP and SMTP settings in eM Client? You can find that out in Tools>Accounts and under individual tabs in your account.