Em-Client won't set as default? No Epson scan-to-email?

Windows 10 + Epson ET-2650. I can scan to computer & can print, but whether using the Epson scan utility or the printer’s own screen, the scan to email launches, says it’s preparing the file, then a window pops up saying there’s no email client or such. (This is for an older friend and I’m not there right now).

I go into defaults in Windows, and Em-Client is there. I go through the Epson settings to choose Em-Client as default (it’s the only one there), but when and I click “set as default”, nothing happens. I can’t tell if I “have to” choose it or if it’s already chosen because the interface is terrible.

I can right-click a file and choose, “send to>mail client” and it launches a new Em-Client message with the file attached.

What in the world is going on and how can I fix it?



First I dont work for EmClient.

As for default email client if it is listed under default programs it is default.
EmClient seems to not read it or display it properly correctly been that way on Windows 10 for awhile.

Next is Scan to email issue.
Are you using printer screen to select scan to email or from Windows 10 itself?

With Windows 10 I have found the issue is Windows 10 when selecting scan to email from a printer directly it may not work. But If he or you scan to computer using printer directly then it works almost. When selecting scan to computer it will scan to Windows Fax and Scan app.

Then once in Windows Fax and Scan app you can select by right clicking the scan and selecting “Send to Mail recipient”.

If I were user I would update Epsons printer utilities and printers firmware to latest.

Hope the info helps.

Hello techie-terry,

Look here:

(windows 10) settings
standard apps

  1. at “E-Mail” select “eM Client”

scroll down a bit

  1. set default settings according to app
    click “eM Client”
    click “manage” - see screenshot

set default settings according to app

Take also a look in regedit.

Is “standard” in Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail identical with “standard” in Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\eM Client?


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i hope everybody who search for this issue, find this thread!
it works for every mail client and printer.