eM Client won't let me use my working server settings

I was previously using Thunderbird and switched to eM Client recently.

When i enter the email server settings (imap/smtp address and port) i got from my hoster, eM Client won’t accept it. Saying it couldn’t establish a connection.

The same information works just fine with Thunderbird!?

By using the FIX button, it will come up with working settings, but these are not SSL/TLS compatible.

Why is it working with Thunderbird but not with eM Client?

I am sorry for the late reply. Could you please tell us who is your email provider?

Thanks for the reply. Our hoster is ehosting.ch.

They usually run their SSL protected SMTP service on port 465. But eM Client won’t connect to the server on this port.

If i use Port 25, it works. But it’s not secure.