EM Client won't import GMail Spam folder emails

Gmail always places some good emails in the Spam folder. All my GMail folders are marked  “Show in IMAP”.  When I set up EM Client using my GMail account it set up folders to match all Gmail Folders except the Spam Folder.  Is there some way to get a folder in EM Client that ties to the GMail Spam folder?  I really like EM Client but cannot use it if I have to check GMail first.

If you setup a Gmail account in eM Client using the Automatic Setup, it will automatically give you the Junk folder.

Not sure how you “set up EM Client using my GMail account it set up folders to match all Gmail Folders except the Spam Folder” as this is not a setup option. Can you explain what you did, and maybe someone can help you put it back the way it was?

Or something you can try is to remove the Gmail account from eM Client, then add it again.

I uninstalled EM Client and then reinstalled. All I did for setup is to enter my GMail address and the population of folders happened by itself.  Since the reload the GMail SPam folder emails now appear in EM Client’s Junk E-mail folder.  It appears that the problem is resolved.  My question is still why doesn’t EM Client have a Spam folder to match GMail’s spam folder especially since everything else matches?  Thanks for the help.

It does - the Junk E-mail folder. 

Correct, it does come into the Junk folder. My question now is why is there no SPAM folder since the Client has every other GMail folder?

It does have a spam folder; it is called Junk E-mail

Sometimes applications name things differently. I remember when Thunderbird introduced different naming for the deleted item folder dependent on the English localization you used. Can be Trash or Deleted. Still the same thing.

What I find confusing is that there is a one to one name relationship for all other folders. Both apps have a Junk E-Mail folder already. Does that mean that both the Gmail Junk E-Mail and the Gmail Spam folder both feed into EM Client’s Junk E-mail folder.  Weird.