eM Client won't delete email from server after deleting from inbox

New to this program, coming from Thunderbird. Have a POP3 account, checked box to leave a copy on server, and also checked box to remove from server when deleted from “deleted” folder. I’m assuming “deleted” folder is the trash? I cannot find a “deleted” folder anywhere! With the email remaining on the server after deleting on my PC, I must now go through the same email and delete again on my mobile device.

Hi, POP3 does not synchronize email statuses from clients to the server, you will have to use IMAP protocol instead.


While using Thunderbird in POP3, it would delete from server when the option was chosen thus removing it from my mobile device. Same option checked in eM Client and the email remains on the server and my mobile device.

Hi Rob,

I assume you have deleted the e-mail from the ‘trash’ folder, right?

No, Thunderbird would delete from server when deleted from inbox but eM Client won’t, until you delete from trash, essentlially causing me to delete my emails twice, kind of a pain. With Thunderbird, I could leave the trash alone for awhile and just do a mass delete at some point. It also gave me a chance to go back in if I deleted an email that I later found I needed. With eM Client I have to delete both immediately or I have the same email on my mobile device and have to delete it there also. Very counter-productive with your system. Am I missing something?

Hi, POP3 can’t do that, it is not implemented in protocol itself. You can only set not to keep mail on the server after synchronization in Tools - Accounts - your account - POP3 tab.


Hi Jan,
Please read my comment below regarding how this setting works for me.

Well you can go to Tools - Accounts - your pop3 account - POP3 tab and check “Remove from server when deleted from the Deleted folder”

I was confused because I usually do not work with POP3 accounts, anyway does this solves your issue?