eM Client Won't Connect to Hotmail-Outlook.com Account

Today I have suffered, as I believe thousands of others have too, at the hands of Microsoft with the changes they have made to their Hotmail-Outlook.com setup.

As a result of these changes, I am trying to get eM Client to connect to my account there.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be achieving much, and I receive the message – Attempts to connect to <email_address> failed. Could be due to temporary Server unavailability or incorrect settings.</email_address>

When I check the settings, all seems OK, but it appears eM has entered “m.hotmail.com” in the Server field.
I do not believe this to be correct, but as I have literally only used eM Client for an hour or two, I don’t really know.

I DO know that I was able to add a GMX Account in seconds by accepting default settings, and that all seems to work very well.

Can anyone help me to get connected to Hotmail-Outlook please.

Thank you,


Hi Ian

If you log in to your Hotmail account at outlook.com in a browser. do you see on the top left “Outlook Mail Preview” on a black background (new servers), or “Outlook Mail” on a blue background(old servers)?

If you see black then your account has been changed over to the new “system” and you will have to use IMAP protocol to get your mail in EM Client.

If you see blue, then the auto setup in EM Client should work.

I am trying to get IMAP to work properly in EM Client with my Hotmail addresses but I am having some issues particularly with attachments showing as zero size (being looked at by the developer).  But all my Hotmail accounts are blue currently.  Things will probably change again when my accounts are moved to black.

Looking at the Microsoft forums, it seems that Microsoft are fiddling with their outlook servers, so who knows what issues that will cause.

Hi JohnO,
Thanks for your response to my problem.

My Hotmail/Outlook Account is showing Preview on a black background, so I must be on the new servers.

I am at a loss to see how I can, as you suggest, use IMAP Protocol.

When I (eM Client really) configured my GMX account, I ended up with a set of tabs – General - IMAP - SMTP - Diagnose, and got a fully working email system into the bargain.

However, when I followed the same process to set up my Outlook Account, I only got three tabs – General  - Mail, Calendar,Contacts - Diagnose.

Under the middle Tab it showed – Server = m.hotmail.com
Authentication = Use Identity Credentials (was ticked)

I changed this to “Use Credentials” – and password, but this just returned the same error message as before --"(AirSync) An attempt etc"

However, during all of this “messing about”, I suddenly noticed the entire folder structure (about 35-40 folders) of my Outlook Account had replicated itself in eM Client ---- albeit WITHOUT a single email being contained therein.

I have installed Microsoft’s “Live Essential Mail 2012”, which is what, in addition to Windows 10, they are trying to force everyone to use, but only to see if there was anything of help.
I most certainly will NOT be using this application, that’s for sure.

It does, however, connect to my Outlook Account, and appears usable.

When I look at the settings for this programme, it is telling me ---- “My Mail-Server is an HTTP Server, whose URL is – HTTPS://mail.services.live.com.DeltaSync_V2.0.0/Sync.aspx”;

I tried substituting “mail.services.live.com” for “m.hotmail.com” in eM Client, but without success.

Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Ian

In that case you have to use IMAP using manual setup.  Click on New Account > Mail > Other

Then set up the IMAP settings for Hotmail. Ignore the testing option and set up the servers/ports manually.

My accounts haven’t been transferred yet and I am having trouble getting IMAP to work but you might have more success…

Hi JohnO,

Well I don’t know where you are seeing the “New Account > Mail > Other” as I am only being offered the opportunity of Automatic, and all that does is brings me back to where I was previously.

I have tried two or three other Clients, including Mailbird and Thunderbird and, as both of these seamlessly and flawlessly integrated fully with my Outlook Account, it made me wonder if in fact eM Client is actually ready for the market yet. (Not impressed by Mailbird in operation though.)

I think, for the time being, I shall use Thunderbird as I want to get as far away from using Microsoft products as soon as possible and that seems a tried, tested and good alternative.

Thanks for your help in trying to solve my problem and wish you all the luck in your own endeavours to sort out eM Client.



Hi Ian,
The Mail>Other option is right below the automatic set up, you just need to open the Mail item, see a screenshot here - http://www.emclient.com/webdocumentat…
Outlook accounts have been working correctly with us through both AirSync and IMAP until now. The issue why it does not work anymore is Microsoft’s decision to terminate DeltaSync support.


Hi Olivia,

Yes, my fault for not having looked sufficiently close at the screen.

However, as other Clients appear to have overcome, or worked around, Microsoft’s “awkwardness”, it appears they may be keeping pace more with such problems so, as I indicated in my last email to JohnO, I shall be changing over to Thunderbird for the present at least.