eM Client won't connect to GMail

eM Client stopped connecting to GMail when I changed to IMAP. I have enabled IMAP in GMail, checked account settings, stopped antivirus, everything. I’ve checked existing forum topics to no avail. eM Client will connect to my other email account, and my phone’s email app connects to GMail. Please help.

Hello, I have not heard anything back on this question. Is there something different I need to do? It is not clear to me how to get support in the way that I have before. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

let me know what you find out . same thing happened to me I would like help on a topic that I worked on for three hours tonight.
My imap settings are corrupt and I can send an email from my gmail account
but I can not receive any incoming. I have set up lots of email accounts on em
client but all of a sudden my g mail works fine on my phone and at the gmail account
but no gmail in coming. Can anyone guess why I can send but not receive. I am stumped.

Hello djayre,
Once you setup the account, did the pop-up browser OAuth window appear? If not, try changing your default browser (Windows > Default apps) and re-try the Gmail account setup.

That did it! Thanks.

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Thank you for your update Djayre,
I’m glad that it helped.