eM Client with Imageway

eM Client has recently partnered up with an email hosting provider Imageway. You can read more about this cooperation on our blog:

There is a number of special features we support for Imageway, including automatic setup of all services (email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes), synchronization of tags, Snooze and Watch for reply status, Automatic replies and Mail forwarder, together with all standard features of other IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV accounts.

We’d appreciate hearing any feedback or reports here if you encounter any specific issues with Imageway accounts so either our or Imageway’s technicians could make sure to resolve them :slight_smile:

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If anyone has any questions about the Imageway e-mail hosting service I would be happy to provide additional information about this service offering.

miércoles 18 enero 2023 :: 1229hrs (UTC 0000)

Hey @lancealot

Not a question more an observation about Imageway
There is very little detail information given about in particular email hosting and
their service appears to be expensive
The site is slow and suffers from a common Wordpress problem of difficult legibility
Domain Lookup link does not work
Best feature is the eMC introduction & Video

plus an offer of 1 year subscription included for up to 3 seats with any package

No doubt the Imageway package could be of interest to some

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Hi @skybat

Email hosting information is provided at: https://www.imageway.com/?p=4321
Are their specific details that are missing from this webpage you would like to see added? Additionally, you always have the option of asking in this forum post about specific detailed information you want to know about or you can use the Imageway contact page to ask.

The cost of the service is based on the fact Imageway is offering a higher-end business class level email hosting solution. This includes a large feature set, some of which are not available at other places such as 2FA for IMAP/POP, or some which usually cost extra such as email archiving. When it comes to reliability Imageway offers geographic redundancy, which again most low cost email hosting will not offer, redundancy is usually limited to a single data center. Lastly, the prices are not based on a per user (email account) basis, you can create as many email accounts you want. Most high end hosting companies have started charging on a per account basis, which adds up in cost as you start adding more email accounts. Plus Imageway provides support which are knowledgeable and accessible, which tends to be lacking at the ultra low cost email hosting providers. All of those things add up to justify the price, Imageway is not trying to be a super low cost web hosting email hosting provider which usually lacks in many of the areas mentioned above to allow for the cheap costs. To see some additional standout Imageway features, look at the “Features” drop-down navigation on the Imageway website.

When I load the website it seems to load fairly fast. so I don’t see where it is excessively slow. I am sure if there is any slowdown (doesn’t load instantly) it is most likely due to distance (network latency), the chat widget, or the WAF which scans 5000+ rules for security.

The domain lookup link works fine for me. If you click some of the website functions and instead it takes you to the contact page, it most likely is due to the fact that function is not available from your country for security/abuse reasons. If you are interested in that website function I would use the contact form to ask to make that functionality available for your country since your interested in using it.

Yes the eM Client introduction video is great, along with eM Client itself. That is why Imageway is excited to partner with eM Client. Imageway worked with eM Client for several years to ensure that eM Client worked in the most reliable way with the Imageway email hosting services before making the partnership official. This means that Imageway support has a better ability to avoid and diagnose connection related issues should they come up with eM Client.

The 1-year subscription license for 3 seats with any package is one of the many special features listed under the “Features” section of the website.

I am sure some are more interested in the ultra cheap, unlimited everything email hosting that might lack in features, reliability, and support. Others will prefer a high-end proprietary Exchange solution that charges on a per user basis, which means higher costs if you have a decent amount of email accounts. Imageway tries to fit in the middle where it supports just about every email open standard (ex: IMAP/POP/SMTP/CALDAV/CARDDAV), doesn’t charge based on a per user basis, has a great feature set included at a decent price, and tries to provide the best knowable support possible.

Thanks for sharing your observations.

Yes it’s definitely more aimed at the business user for those prices.

eg: The min is currently $11.95 p/m with only 2GB shared storage for unlimited email accounts, which wouldn’t last very long at all from my own experience with business acct customers.

Most businesses peeps in my opinion would go straight away for the $16.95 with 30GB of shared storage which would then be usable.

Ps If I owned imageway have eg: 10GB shared storage for the minimum plan so it’s usable.


Hi @cyberzork

Yes, the aim was more for a higher-end quality of service, thus the current prices. A higher quality service comes at a cost to operate. The cost of storage goes beyond just the physical hard disk cost, it also involves the additional costs to process the larger data set, replicate it real-time to a secondary data center, and to back it all up daily.

The starter plan as you said is only 2GB, and is for people who might have minimal email needs or for someone that uses POP3 and will store most of their email locally on their computer. Most storage usage is caused by attachments, so if you had eM Client move (or archive) emails with attachments locally then the 2GB will go a long way. Otherwise you could save the attachment file to your computer and delete the email afterwards if that was preferred.

Yes, the hope was eventually when customers have outgrown the use of the starter package then they would upgrade to the standard package for the additional storage. That is why they are named the way they are, starter and standard. Of course additional storage can be purchased for any of the packages at anytime.

I will bring up the suggestion about upgrading the starter package to 10GB, but as I said prior it is very usable if you store all your email locally using POP3 or IMAP, or at least store the emails with large attachments locally. That is something eM Client would allow you to do.

Imageway’s main goal was to create a high quality email hosting service that didn’t charge by user, was not Exchanged based, and supported all the open email standards to the maximum. If you wanted to see some unique features to Imageway you get as part of this level of hosting I would suggest checking out these pages:

IMAP/POP 2FA support: https://www.imageway.com/two-factor-authentication
Encryption with any email client: https://www.imageway.com/encrypted-email
Included email archiving: https://www.imageway.com/email-legal-archiving
Large attachment support and stripping: https://www.imageway.com/large-file-attachments

along with a really nice feature that stores emails you delete via IMAP/POP into a folder structure that is read-only for 30 days, so you can copy those emails from that structure back into your main email structure should anything happen to cause a unwanted email deletion.

Thanks for your feedback.

Tried to contact Imageway via their sign-up form several days ago two times and got no response at all. Not sure if they are not interested in my starter email hosting quota request or the form doesn’t work.

jueves 26 enero 2023 :: 1041hrs (UTC +0100)

I will be very interested to know about the reply if, and when there is one, particularly if it is not posted on this Forum.

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Your contact form request must have gotten caught up in a filter, or just has not been processed as of yet. I will expedite the concern you brought up, and have them look into this and respond accordingly. Thanks.

I try this also and same as you say maybe is waste of time if not in USA and I see no big client on list.
I check this for multinational company where I work as part of my job so will report back negative.

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No contact message was received from you Torsten (@tmax). The person you are responding to in your message did successfully complete the contact form and was sent a response. I will message you directly to find out exactly what you did when you said you tried also.

The company is located in the USA.

Imageway has been in business since 2000, so it has worked with a lot of different companies of various sizes. I am not sure what you consider a big client, but there is a client page on the Imageway website listing companies they have worked with. In addition, the home page has some customer testimonials. Not all companies will be listed due to privacy.

I am not sure why there is the negativity? All messages received are being responded to accordingly. Imageway’s goal is to offer a high quality email hosting service, including having a responsive customer support.

By offering email and web hosting services, Imageway is trying to keep alive the last two Internet open standard protocols (SMTP and HTTP), while the large monopolistic companies continue to create proprietary closed environments. I see this only as a positive thing that should be supported, and not torn down.