eM Client will not stay connected with Google account.

I’m using eM Client with my att.net email account. Also have it pulling in my Google calendar and contacts. Every morning, without fail, eM Client asks me to sign into my Google account and give the required permissions. Can this be avoided? Is there a way to just stay signed in all the time?

Hello Pat, we’re currently looking into this issue, but it seems it only occurs on some eM Client installations, try to install this update and check if the issue persists, 6.0.22625.0 . If it does, can you please let me know what services are you using with your Google account, do you have chat enabled in eM Client?


Thanks for the reply Paul.  The only Google services I am using are Contacts and Calendar.  I do not have chat enabled.  I will install the update and report back.  Regards.

I installed the update but it did not fix the problem.  I am still required to sign into my Google account every morning and give the required permissions.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.