EM Client will not send emails (Message was not completely downloaded)

Hi all

Am trialing EM Client… but I am finding it will not reliably send emails. Sometimes it does…

…but I periodically get a message that says:

“Couldn’t process the message because the following error occurred.”

Message was not completely downloaded and thus no operations can be performed on it."

I cannot send or save said message.

The message does not give any way to find a solution (such as “Click here to download the message”, or “Change the XYZ option to completely download message”) which might be helpful.

So I am stuck. I am trying an email client… that does not reliably send emails. Why would I pay for such a client…?



Usingf EM Client Version 9.2.1222 (ca10485) on Windows 11.

Bump. Can anyone help?

An email client that cannot send emails sounds… odd.


I am having the same issue, very annoying to not be able to reply to emails I receive and seeing you posted this problem a few months ago with no reply’s makes me think that EMclient are not bothered that we are having some issues
Guess it might be time look for another one that works

When I didn’t get any help, I gave up on EM Client.

Such a shame, but if they are not interested in helping me get their product working, I’ll go elsewhere.


The same problem here. I tried this morning, with a 35k pdf attachment. It took almost 3 minutes and came back with the same error message. It doesn’t look as though eM Client staff are very helpful. Then, as you say, let’s find another client that works. I suppose they want paying clients only.

I got that this morning to. I like the look and feel of eM Client but bugs like this seem to be quite frequent.
My solution is to keep my previous email client running too - Thunderbird. Then, if I get a problem with eM Client not sending I can simply send that email using that. It all syncs back so the email that eM refuses to send still appears in the sent folder.
Today was the first time I got that weird message about not being fully downloaded but after three attempts I went to Thunderbird, sent it without difficulty then went back to eM client and it was there in the sent folder straight away.
Not ideal but a relatively simple work around.

Hello, i have the same problem.

When i try to reply to a message that contains pictures, i have this error :

“Couldn’t process the message because the following error occurred. Message was not completely downloaded and thus no operations can be performed on it.”

I have to delete the image in the conversation history in order to send my email.

This error made frequently crashes EM client.

If someone has a solution, it would help me not to waste any more time.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Yep. I’ve seen this a few times. :roll_eyes:

What you can do is open a new email, then cut & paste everything from the one that won’t send into the new one, and send that.
Outlook often does something similar.
Still sucks though.

states that SMTP doesn’t support STARTILS. Can’t send emails. Should I uninstall and then reinstall emclient? Will I keep my same email username?


states that SMTP doesn’t support STARTILS. Can’t send emails

Go to “Menu / Accounts” and click on your account on the left. Then click the SMTP tab and update in this thread what your Server address, Port & Security policy are so we can check if any obvious problem.

Also if you have Windows or Mac and what OS version and what version of eM Client you are running.