eM Client will not receive emails, or list sent emails - using gMail

I have downloaded and installed eM client on Windows 10 V1607 Build 14393.222.  I get directed to New Account - Automatic Setup and enter my gmail address. I get prompted for my gMail password, I enter it and Google prompts me to allow access to eM Client - which I allow.

OK - so now everything looks like it is setup fine. IMAP and SMTP are as expected.   In my gmail account I have both IMAP and POP enabled.

When I send a message, it actually gets sent. However, it always shows red and stays in the eM Client outbox. It will not show up as sent.

eM Client will NOT receive any emails sent from other clients (new emails I create and send from another account).   (I check eM first, no emails. I check my phone - eMail has been delivered). I check Opera Mail - the email is delivered. I check Thunderbird - email is delivered.

Thunderbird works perfectly with the same settings.  Opera mail works perfectly with the same settings.  

eM Client, however, is maddeningly broken…

Was this resolved? I"m having the same problem.