eM Client WILL NOT LOAD when i right click on a file to send it out

@james46 Do you mean (Right click / Send to / Mail Receipient) for Windows 10 ?


If this is the problem & you do have Windows 10, see the below quote from @Gary how to set
eM Client to be the default app. Once you have done the below, then suggest to “Reboot your computer” and that should then work fine.

eMClient Reports It’s Not Default Email Client - Mail - eM Client


Nov '19
In your Windows 10 - Settings > Apps > Default Apps , scroll to the bottom and select Set defaults by app.

In the next windows select eM Client and click on Manage.

Make sure all the options are set to eM Client. The last two, webcal and webcals can’t be set to eM Client, so just leave those.

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