EM client will not load after update KB4462919. Clicking on the icon will not bring up the waiting symbol

After installing KB4462919 eM client will not start. It is as though the link is broken. Uninstalling the update makes it work again. Is this a common issue with this update. Any clues on its resolution please?


Dave MacArthurton

The latest Windows update is Version 1809, KB4464330. emClient runs fine on my machine. I think you should search for the latest Windows update and may be uninstall and re-install emClient after updating Windows…

The OP referenced cumulative update KB4462919 which relates to earlier versions of Windows 10, not 1809.  
Those of us who did install 1809 before it was pulled received cumulative update KB4464330 instead which included a fix for the missing files issue. 

Hi Dave

I agree that you could try reinstalling eM Client after applying update KB4462919, or simple re-establish the link.

Are links to any other programs also broken?