eM Client will not find the new update available.

There is a new update but my version says there are “no new updates available” I have version 7.0.26687.0 installed.Please advise. Thank you

Just download todays new version from http://www.emclient.com/release-history or http://www.emclient.com/download and install.

For me also, version says there are no updates avalable. Peter, how did you know there is a new version?

… by looking at the release history page regularly.

Fine. I have updated. Tanks. I’ll wait your message in this forum to be informed of new updates :slight_smile:

And now 27744 !

updates to version 7 are not pushed to all users yet.
You need to check the Release history page at this time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Olivia,
could you explain better? What do you mean by not pushed to all users?

the update is created and freely available on our website but has not been sent as notification to all users.

Sorry, I do not really understand. You mean that I (and I don’t know which users) have to watch every week, month…(?) if there is an update?

Found a new release today, but can anybody from emClient tell me, what has been improved:

All bugs fixed :slight_smile:

They updated the releaase history today, so you see what’s been updated. In reality they just deleted all releases between July, 27th and yesterday, so everything really looks new now. “Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt:”

those would be minor fixes. All notes are included in the latest release so all the news would be visible after the faulty releases are removed.


You have a fair amount of negative reaction to a new release around bugs and issues, and you have an update feature in the app that doesn’t work?
I’ve had to come back to the forum after already posting about issues that I’ve had (and running a “Check for update” every single day since hoping that a fix is released - and getting progressively more annoyed each day that there is NOT a new version released - in fact if it weren’t for the work involved in testing new email apps and then having to switch, I’d have ditched emclient a couple of weeks ago), nd happen to stumble across this post?

Do you have a “How not to release an update/How to thoroughly p**s off your customers” checklist that you’re working your way through?

Hello Kai,
the Check for update feature is working, the update hasn’t been pushed yet, so it is by design.
The updates will be distributed starting next week.


Intentionally not using the inbuilt update mechanism right after a major release is only slightly less unbelievable.
It’s good that they’re finally going to start being pushed, but can I suggest at the next major upgrade (assuming you retain what appears to be a large number of unhappy current users - but I can hardly be unbiased) that you make full use of the inbuilt updater?

New update yesterday:

But my V7.0.27804.0 told me “no updates available”.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Wow, as of today “the inbuilt update mechanism” works: