eM Client version 8.1.979 Free crashes multiple times a day

Recently eM Client has been crashing multiple times a day. It’s getting to the point I’m ready to use a different client - even though I’ve always liked using it. Is there a fix? I’ve heard others saying that version 8 is an issue.

Also - it seems that my backup option no longer works. It starts and then stops without finishing the job.

And finally, when trying to export emails to a file it often gets to a certain point and then I get an error message that says: An error occurred during the export disk I/O error disk I/O error. So if a folder has 3300 emails in it - perhaps only 2500 are exported.

This is all very frustrating and I’d really appreciate some insight/help.

How much free space do you have on your C: drive? That could be the cause of all the issues. Or maybe it is a disk hardware error.

Hello Forum!.

same problem here! We use the eM Client on a Microsoft 2016 Remotedesktop server with 10 user… After the EmClient update we have the Problem, that the server crash more than 3 times a day.

We deinstalled the eM Client and now we have no problems. Can you fix that problem please?

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@knwhnr1 Re: Exporting emails to a file I/O error.

An error occurred during the export disk I/O error disk I/O, sounds like a physical actual hard disk or storage device error when eM Client is writing / backing up the emails. What hardware device are you exporting the emails to ? Is it an internal hard drive or external drive / device.

Apart from possible space / storage problems as @Gary mentioned above, whatever you are writing to, needs to be fast enough / constant enough to keep up with the writing speed from eM Client.

Slow writing speeds from any programs can also be caused by hardisks that are eg: badly defragged or old slow ide drives, or slow sata (non ssd) drives, or any drives where the internal cache is faulty.

Interesting that you bring this up. I have an SSD for my OS and programs. It has suddenly filled up quite a bit and only has 26.5 GB left of 237 total. I’m not sure what it going on it suddenly that is taking up so much space. I had set up emclient to backup to my internal regular drive. But that doesn’t seem to be working.

As I mentioned to @Gary I’m trying to backup to my internal regular hard drive. That doesn’t seem to be working properly. My C drive is SSD but has suddenly filled up. I can check my storage drive and see if it has any issues. I was also trying to export emails to a USB drive - maybe that’s why I was having trouble with that. I can try the internal drive and see if it makes a difference. But if I look at what needs to be done I’d say first figure out why the C drive has filled up so much. Check the internal drive for any errors and then try exporting to my internal drive. As far as the actual backup of eMclient - not sure what to do there.

I’d love to uninstall and reinstall but at this point I’m nervous about my backup not being complete or available once I reinstall. If I can get a proper backup I would definitely do that!

@knwhnr1 Yes i would recommend to normally backup eM Client via Menu / Backup to an “Internal hard-disk” (and then copy the eM Client.zip backup file to an external drive as another copy).

As writing to external usb drive (directly) may not always be fast enough to keep up with the writing / backup speed of EMC. There should be no errors when you finish the backup in EMC. If there are errors, you still have some sort of disk or other hardware issues somewhere.

Yes agree you need to look at why your SSD C drive is filling up so quick. Windows doesn’t tend to run very well if you get to low on hard disk space. Might just be getting errors due to low disk space,

Also the more RAM you have the happier Windows runs. eg: Ideally 8GB is best if your system supports that (if you don’t have that already), as Windows uses alot of RAM just for the OS to run.

Thanks for the response. So I discovered that my SSD c drive was full because of the temp folder. Cleaned that out and got back a ton of space. So that’s corrected. After that cleanup I tried to do a Backup of my account to the regular internal drive. Got part way done - and then stopped and there’s no backup. I tried to export all my folders and archive - got part way through and then got the I/O error again. I have 12 GB of ram so that shouldn’t be an issue. So still not sure what the problem is.

If you are backing up eM Client via Menu / Backup to create the .zip file and still getting I/O error and are backing up to your internal SSD drive with enough space and ram (as you advised is ok), then you most likely then have a eg: corrupted eM Client database.

Do you have an IMAP / Exchange or POP account ?

So to be clear - I was trying to do Menu/backup to my internal regular (spinning) HD - not my SSD. I don’t get an error doing it - it just stops and there’s nothing in the file. I get the I/O error when I’m trying to export files. Again - to my internal spinning HD. It stops, I see the error and when I look in the folder part of my files are there - whatever was exported before the error. Finally - I am using a POP account - with gmail.

Blockquote it just stops and there’s nothing in the file.

@knwhnr1 If backing up in EMC via Menu / Backup just stops and there is nothing in the .zip file, then it does sound like your current EMC database is corrupted in some way which could also explain why EMC crashes randomly.

I would in that case (as you have a Gmail POP account), open EMC and add a second Gmail account this time as a normal IMAP account with your same Gmail login details, and then once working, drag your old Gmail Pop email from your local folders to your new Gmail IMAP folders.

Then once your email is all moved / synced to your Gmail IMAP account, delete your old Gmail Pop account in EMC. Be aware synching POP mail to IMAP can take time depending on how many emails in local folders you have. Then try doing another backup in EMC

If EMC still stops during the backup with only a Gmail IMAP acct (once all the pop messages are completely synched to the IMAP account), uninstall EMC and (don’t delete) the database when asked on uninstall. Then reinstall the latest version of EMC & try the backup again.

If still an issue, you can then right click on the Gmail “All Mail” folder & click Properties at the bottom and click the “Repair” tab at the top right. Then try backup again.

Lastly if repairing a Gmail IMAP account still makes no difference, uninstall EMC again and this time delete the database on uninstall and reinstall & Setup yr IMAP Gmail account as new.

This will then sync all your email and any email folders to EMC. Then do the backup again.

If EMC backup still stops and nothing in the backup .zip, I would then have a computer tech take a look as there then must be some other program or something on your computer interfering with EMC & causing issues.

Blockquote I get the I/O error when I’m trying to export files.

Can you explain exactly what you do when you say “I get this error when I’m trying to export” as above quote. Eg: are you manually going into the EMC hidden mail folder / directory and trying to copy that or doing something else ?

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My version of 8.1.979 has lost all read messages from the inbox and on clicking saved folders those messages are deleted. So I activated system restore to version 7 from 03/01/2021 but this error occured.
MailClient.Storage.Data.DatabaseHasNewerVersionException: Data file ‘C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\eM Client/folders.dat’ has version 3 but only versions up to 1 are supported
at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbRepository1.ThrowIfNewerVersionThanSupported(String databaseName, String resourceName) at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbRepository1.CheckSchema(String databaseName, String resourceName)
at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbRepository1..ctor(DataStore dataStore, String location, String indexTable, String[] readWriteDatabaseNames, String[] readOnlyDatabaseNames) at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbFolderRepository..ctor(DataStore dataStore, String dbLocation) at MailClient.Accounts.ItemRepositories.Open(DataStore dataStore, String accountPath, AccountType accountType) at MailClient.Accounts.ItemRepositories..ctor(DataStore dataStore, String accountPath, AccountType accountType) at DbRepair.ConsistencyChecker.CheckConsistencyForAccount(String accountDirectory, RepairMode mode, CancellationToken token) at DbRepair.ConsistencyChecker.<>c__DisplayClass2_0.<Check>b__0(String p) at DbRepair.PerAccountExecutor.Execute(String dataStoreLocation, Func2 action)
at DbRepair.ConsistencyChecker.Check(RepairMode mode, CancellationToken token)
at DbRepair.CheckingProcess.Check(CancellationToken token)
AccountType: Mail
DatabaseLocation: C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Archive
Please advise action

First - let me thank you for continually trying to help me with this.

Second - I had a thought and perhaps you can tell me if it’s viable. I have a backup that I did last June because I got a new computer and was able to restore from it - so it should be perfectly good. I still have all of 2020 emails in the web version of Gmail for this account. What if I uninstalled EMC and got rid of any backups or exports that aren’t any good and then reinstalled EMC and used that 2020 backup to restore. Then maybe I could get any of the missing emails from 2020 from gmail online?

If that sounds reasonable, I’ll give it a try. If not, I’ll try to follow your latest instructions.



Blockquote I still have all of 2020 emails in the web version of Gmail for this account.

Yes you could restore your computer, but you shouldn’t need to. Only as a last resort.

As you have all your 2020 emails in the (web version) of Gmail then you don’t need your local Pop Gmail account at all (unless it has older emails prior to 2020 in it) that would need to be dragged into it as per my prev suggestion.

So if your POP Gmail local account in eM Client doesn’t have any older emails prior to 2020, then I would be just removing your local Pop account completely from eM Client and Re-setup your current Gmail account automatically as IMAP as normal in eM Client and you will then get all your 2020 emails from Gmail on the web.

Synching email from Gmail online to eM Client might take a little time depending on the amount of emails and mail folders etc.

Note: If you don’t have your eM Client contacts in Gmail on the web, I would also recommend doing that too, so Gmail then syncs email and contacts automatically to eM Client and you then are completely running off Google cloud.

I added my gmail as an imap account. It took awhile but everything downloaded fine. So far so good.

Then I started moving some old folders from the POP account to the Archive in the IMAP account. Most of the time it works. Sometimes I get the same error I was getting when I was trying to export a folder to my other HD. This isn’t the I/O error. It’s a window that comes up. I’ve attached it.

@knwhnr1 That sort of error is usually either eg: something running in memory in the background possibly interfering with eM Client, or maybe some corruption in your old pop mail database, or some problem with em client program itself that didn’t install correctly when it was installed.

To test if anything is running in the background in memory possible interfering with eM Client, Startup in Safe mode with Networking, via holding the (Shift key) when you click “Restart” using Windows. Safe mode is in Advanced on boot up.

If that “eM Client stopped working error” then (does not appear again) when running in Safe mode with networking option, then you know it’s one of the background tasks in the startup of Windows causing it. You would then have to enable via the Window startup tab the startup programs (one at a time) and reboot in between till you determine which startup program is causing it.

If however you still get that em client not working errors even when running in Safe mode with networking, then go back to normal startup mode and uninstall eM Client and (don’t delete your database on uninstall). Then reinstall the latest version of EMC again and see if the EMC not working errors go away. That should then determine if it’s a program installation problem.

Lastly If still getting those eM Client not working errors, then you will have to uninstall eM Client and delete the database completely on uninstall and then reinstall and setup Gmail IMAP setup as new.

Thanks! I’m really thinking of just uninstalling EMC completely. As I said, I have all of 2020 online in webmail. I have a good backup of all my old emails that I made last July when I got a new computer. That backup should be okay. If I uninstall completely, download latest version of EMC and set up with IMAP, then restore from that last backup I think I’ll have everything I need. I didn’t have this problem until EMC recently installed the updates. So I still think there’s something at fault there.

Hi again! So I uninstalled. Reinstalled using IMAP and then backed up with my file from last summer. So far so good. Looks like I have all my old emails and it’s running smoothly. Fingers crossed it doesn’t start crashing again. If it does…I’ll be back.

But again - thank you SO much for taking time out of your day to help. It is truly appreciated!

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