EM Client Ver 8.0

Just curious if the new free version of Em Client 8.0 will allow more than two accounts. Need to use Outlook on EMC and wife has an account and I have a Google Pixel 4 which has Google calendar which does not sync with Outlook calendar?

Need one more account to make life easier.

It was only 2 in version 6 and also 2 in version 7. I guess that means 2 in version 8.

The good news though is that the restriction is on 2 email accounts, not calendars. Setup your 2 email accounts, then add as many calendars as you want.

Gary just curious? Is there any way to eliminate the multiple listing of the events when using more than one calendar in the “Agenda”?

Not quite sure what you mean by multiple listing of events, but in any calendar view, you can untick the calendars you do not want to display.


For the Agenda side-bar, you can click the preferences cog and select which calendars not to display.


Okay Gary…Thank you.