eM Client v8 on Linux (WINE/Crossover) - any luck?

tl;dr : It seems like eM Client 7 worked on Linux via WINE, but I can’t get v8 working. Has anyone tried or had any luck?

Details : I’ve found dozens upon dozens of posts from users begging the eM Client developers to provide a way to run on Linux - going back more than half a decade.  Sadly, their response is always “we won’t support it.” Despite this, it does seem like eM Client 7 works - it’s confirmed on Crossover, WineHQ, and various posts here on this forum. I was therefore hopeful that v8 would work too, but unfortunately, that seems not to be the case.  I realize v8 is still in beta, but to me that seems like a *better* opportunity to try to get this working, as it seems the developers are a bit less reluctant to make changes while it’s still in pre-release form.

Using Crossover (a commercial frontend for WINE), I was able to get v8 installed & running without adding an account - the UI works just fine.  However, adding a GMail account gets stuck: you enter your credentials, click “Finish,” it triggers the GMail authorization popup, credentials are entered, then a small window showing “This operation may take a while to complete” remains on screen for several minutes. When it disappears, the authorization didn’t actually work. Clicking “Finish” again just triggers the same authorization loop.

I also tried authorizing on a windows PC & copying the whole profile folder over to Linux. It loaded & ran as expected, including showing all of the existing downloaded emails, but it immediately popped that GMail dialog up again.

To see if it’s just an issue specific to GMail, I tried adding a standard IMAP account. It didn’t.  I’m able to send mail, but it just never actually receives anything (it doesn’t show an error - just nothing gets downloaded).  I enabled IMAP logs, which showed only:

23:08:33.791|00F| AccountBase.ChangeOnlineState : STATE CHANGE TO online due User
23:08:33.903|00F| Starting account synchronization
23:08:33.906|010| >>> ListFoldersAsync(): Start
23:08:34.044|010| Connecting to xxxxxx:993…

…And nothing else.

So basically, it appears as though eM Client 8 is *almost* working in WINE - the only thing that’s broken is IMAP (which did apparently work in eM Client 7).

Has anyone had any luck getting this working? I really hope so, or that the devs might be willing to take a look at it. It’d be shame to have to move to a completely different email client when it looks like it’s just a hair away from being functional :slight_smile:

From my attempts, version 7 on CrossOver was not able to register a license, so cannot be used after the 30 day evaluation period anyway.

I’d be more satisfied with using the free version than having to abandon it altogether. It’s personal use, & I don’t have more than 2 accounts. (Of course, I’d also be happy to pay for a pro license, even if I don’t need it, if that would contribute towards them making it work).

Free or Pro, both need to have a license activated after 30 days. I could get neither to register.

Oh, bummer, didn’t realize that. It does surprise me tho, due to having seen in both WineHQ & Crossover that it supposedly works.  Did you ever try to contact support? Was it their typical response: “Sorry, too bad, we won’t support it?”