eM Client V10.0.1495 for Mac crashing when scrolling down All Inboxes

eM Client V10.0.1495 for Mac on Sonoma 14.4.1 is automatically crashing to the desktop "when scrolling down in All Inboxes with 4 x IMAP accounts (Gmail.com, Live.com, Outlook.com & Yahoo.com) totalling 13,700+ Inbox emails. Usually it will crash around half way to 3/4 the way down Inboxes.

Doesn’t seem to make any difference how quick i scroll it still happens. Very rarely i can make it all the way to the bottom without crashing. Once i nearly made it 99 percent of the way and it crashed. Ive removed and re-added all the accounts and uninstalled and reinstalled eM Client but same problem.