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I started using eM Client because I had terrible results with all of M/S Junk. Never could rely on them for reliable service, always fowl-ups that made me upset so I tried this “eM Client”. Have had nothing but good service with all my email usage. I am 86 and mainly use my computer to do Genealogy, finding census pages, Family Search indexing for a volunteer job. Service is my duty, my pleasure and my Joy. As a reliable platform there is not one email program that can match eM Client. I am the sole user in my family, no business activity, just genealogy research, I use the free version of eM Client,

My only problem is I can not forward large attachments to my genealogy buddies to give them fairly large reports concerning our ancestors.

Thank you for such a good product, wish everybody built durable programs.

Joel Wagnon, Orange, Texas

eM Client 8.2 introduced using Cloud attachments.

That means you can add the attachment as usual in eM Client, but it will upload the attachment to a Cloud provider (like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.) and replace it with a link in the message.

Have a look at this page in the Documentation (F1) and see if it is of any help:

Using Cloud Attachments

You will also need to setup your preferred provider:

Providers Settings

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