Em Client Update problems with windows 10

I am running free eM Client version 6.0.22344.0 and have gotten notification of an update to eM client. I sucessfully download the file, but during the installation process, I get the error message " Install server not responding". I have tried at all times of the day and night with the same result for at least 10 days.

Hi Frank,
can you try downloading this release and see if you have the same error with the servers? http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.234…

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I have the same problem with win10 install after downloading update file.
I have downloaded the one in your link, but it still fails to install.

Do you have any other options?

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This is the current version.


The install from that link also failed for me… the first time I tried it. But when I retry, I was successful.

Hi Marius,
I’m afraid I can’t think of any other solution, seeing as we’ve never encountered a problem with installing from the downloaded file - it shouldn’t even need to connect to an Install server.
Try running the installation with your internet connection turned off?
If that does’t work, then there must be some issue within Windows 10.

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Install Server Not Responding can happen with any program installing on any version of Windows. Alot of the time it can be to do with Corrupted Windows files.

I would suggest to run in the Admin Dos Prompt sfc / scannow if you haven’t allready as there may be some damaged files where this will normally fix that if it is. If you just want to check Windows , type sfc /verifyonly without doing any actual changes. Note:- Allways reboot after running sfc / scannow.

If you still are getting that error, try creating a new Admin User account incase your current User profile is corrupted. If still a problem, you will probably need to backup your data and reinstall Windows from scratch.