EM Client Trial (WIndows) - Pop3 Mail Disappears

Wanting to convert ot EM Client. Downloaded trial (free) version. Imported mail from Thunderbird (4 Pop3 accounts). All seemed to go well. Then shortly after successfully sending a couple of emails, all mail except the last few disappeared from the inbox of two of the accounts, Sent mail is still there as are emails stored in folders. I cannot convert to EM Client if my whole inbox is going to disappear.

domingo 26 febrero 2023 :: 2022hrs (UTC +0100)

Hey @JMG99

I can not be certain without more detail, however, I suspect that it will be connected with the
fact you are limited to 2 accounts until you purchase the PRO version.
If you go to:

you will see the detail also the Commercial use restrictions


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Actually that makes sense, but it also makes it hard to evaluate the software as doing what you want during the trial period. I’ll delete the trial, reinstall it and use only two accounts to see if that solves the problem. Thanks for the response.

That wasn’t the problem. I unistalled, deleted the data base, reinstalled and reimported TBird email for just two accounts. One, my main account, imports just two messages from the TBird Inbox. If I look at TBird, all the emails (about 120) are there in the inbox.

So much for converting to Em Client.