eM Client System Tray - Nonstandard Behaviour

Why does eM Client use a nonstandard behavior for the icon in the system tray? More specifically:

-A single click on the system tray icon is used to open the program instead of a a double click (which is what every other program I have EVER used in Windows does).

-The icon disappears from the system tray when the program window is open.

On their own, each of these are annoying. But, together, they are infuriating. Since this is the only program that requires a single click, I inevitably double-click the icon to open it nost of the time. The first click launches eM Client, but then the system tray icon disappears, so my second click lands on the adjacent icon which registers a double-click there (i.e. launching that program as well).

Please fix this or give the users the option to choose in the program settings. I guarantee that almost 100% of your users who utilize the system tray will agree.

I just looked at my system tray.  Out of the 25 programs showing icons, approx. 12 open with a single-click and at least 7 others bring up a menu or a status screen (e.g., google drive) with a single-click.  The minority actually require a double-click.  I would prefer all single clicks.

Oh, I forgot to add, I agree with the disappearing icon.  I would like it to be left there so it can also be used to minimize.

17 programs on my machine and not one other opens anything but a context menu with single click. But fine, why not just give us users option in the menu?

Duplicate of https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/enable_double_clicking_of_tray_icon

And I totally agree. So annoying. I lost track of how many other notificationicons I click during a day when the EM client icon magically disappear.

Why even have the icon in the system tray to start with? I thought the idea in Windows was that application icons appear on the left, not the right!

This setting in eM Client is ridiculous. Normal procedure is that when you minimize an application, the icon remains in the task bar with all other running applications, and when you maximize the application the icon remains in the task bar with all the other running applications. When you close it, it is removed from the task bar.

Why would you want the icon to move from left to right just because you minimized it? Why would you want the icon to remain when the application is closed?

I guess it’s kind of a real estate issue, especially for those who use large icons on the taskbar.  I have eM Client as a favorite on my taskbar, so when it is open, it takes up no additional space (and I use small icons).

By the way, most of my apps open with a single click now.