EM client suddenly stopped E-mail updates

Hello everyone! Yesterday, suddenly and without any warning or error message, my EM client has stopped E-mail updates. It means that I cannot receive any more E-mails. I have a free license. What can be the reason and how can I fix it?

What happens when you hit the Refresh button?  Is there any message?  Have you tried rebooting your machine?

I have tried everything possible. Nothing happened. I have rebooted the pc several times in the last days.

If you go to menu/help/license, does it display an active license?

Also, go to menu/file and make sure “Work offline”: is not checked.

Hello Jay, thanks for your kind support.
License is active and it is on line. But I found a message written on the last message that was downloaded, saying that the text cannot be downloaded because “it is not connected to the server”. This eventually should explain why this is happening.
Needless to say that my pc is working perfectly and all cloud systems and also Outlook are on-line.
Hopefully you can help me solve this problem.
Thanks in advance for your help!
With best regards

In the lower left corner of the program, what do you see?  Does it say offline, or does it look like the following:

Hello, this is interesting. It says “I am in process of sincronizing”, but it keeps going without accomplishing anything. It seems that it is trying, without results.
There is not date of the last sincronization.

Hello Massimo,

it seems that your client is stuck during an endless sync loop. Please go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronisation and check if your client has enough time to proceed each sync considering the database size and your internet connection. The default value is 10 min and as it is a general sync, note that it won’t affect your incoming email.


If all else fails, I would delete the account and reenter it.  It should resync itself and you won’t loose any data.

I have deleted the account and I have re-entered it.
Result: I can see only the last 79 E-mails received (out of 20.000 on G-mail) and only the last 6 sent. It is not synchronizing anything before Feb 9th.

It looks really bad…
What else can I do?

Give it some time, the initial sync takes some time.b  Don’t worry, eM Client can’t delete anything on its own.

I assume you can see all the emails on the web client?

Good morning Jay and thank you for your message.
Unfortunately, nothing happened since I have re-installed the EM client. I get the new E-mails, but I cannot download the others (20.000+). Yes, I can see all of them and I have tried with Mozilla: new account, all E-mails (in and out) available in a few minutes.
I do not understand what has happened. It must be something linked with the number of e-mails. Let me give you some more info: I have a laptop that I use from time to time. It has EM client on it. Yesterday I pulled it our because I needed it and I have dedicated some time to updates. Well, the EM client does not work there, either! Is there a limit to the E-mails a free license can manage? I do not think that this is related to other actions because I have not changed anyting (especially on the laptop).
On my main PC, same story: only new E-mails show-up…

With best regards

The license is valid for one computer only.  Using it on multiple systems will cause issues.  If you need to use it on more than one machine, you will have to get an additional license.

In you case, pick a machine and make sure the license is active by going to menu/help/license.  That machine should now be fine.  Do NOT use another machine with the same license, as it will deactivate the license on that machine and no syncing will occur.