eM Client suddenly not loading; may have been some kind of update this morning?

My eM suddenly does not load. There may have been some kind of updating on computer this morning. The icon just spins for five seconds. Win 10.

I had the same last week for a short time and a restart fixed it, and my wife had it occur yesterday on her desktop, but it also came right after shutting down overnight.

Thanks Russell. Hope it does just that. I’ve restarted it  many times to no luck. Maybe a night’s rest. 

Still not working. It almost feels as if Microsoft want me to go back to outlook? Have no idea what to do now except leave Em. I was liking it. 

If it was an eM Client update, the latest version was released in May this year and works just fine. However there was an unreleased internal version made available recently that may be the cause. You can uninstall that, making sure NOT to delete your database when asked,  and then download and install the latest stable version listed on the Release History

EM Shit - Du not run after Update. No Help. No Repair oder Install.
I go back zu Mozilla.
I undersand you want make money! But not so ! But not with me!

Bye Jan.