eM Client stuck in Calander

Hi, The calendar is open in eM Client. How can I get back to the emails? On an older version of eM Client I have a left nav bar with, mail, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts buttons. On the version of eM Client that I’m having an issue the left nav bar doesn’t have the mail button. How do I get back to viewing emails?
Thanks for your help with this matter.
version 7.2.34711.0

Normally in the left panel you click the 3 vertical dots on the far right, and then click customise and reorder the icons in the left panel “so you can see the mail and other icons” as normal.

However as you cannot currently see the mail icon, suggest to “Right click on eM Client in the task bar” and close the program using the X top right.

Or press “Ctrl alt del” keys and “close eM Client” in the task manager.

Then reopen eM Client and see if you can see the mail icon in the left panel or via customise.

Lastly the V7.2.34711 you are running has been updated a few times since your version, so could be a problem with your current version that has been fixed and needs updating.

So suggest to also backup your current eM Client version via “Menu / File / Backup” and d/l version 7.2.50008 from the version history page. Then close eM Client and install the updated version.

Thanks for your response. I don’t have the 3 dots on the right on calendar page and can’t find “customize” anywhere else. Updated also, made no difference.
Any other ideas?

Just updated to emclient-v8.2.1659 and that worked. Thanks again for your response and help.

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