eM Client stopped syncing with Google Mail

All of the sudden my incoming gmail is not being shown in the eM Client. I use the free one.
The mail messages are shown OK on the Gmail website, so the problem must be with my eM Client.
I can send messages out from gmail account on eM Client, and they are received OK.
But incoming gmail messages are not shown.
I have the latest update of the free eM client.

Please help.

try deleting your account in eMClient and adding it back in.

Thank you - I did that and it works again.

This is what I found:

To change the order of the accounts, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. On the side of the window that appears, you’ll see a list of the accounts that you have linked with eM Client. If you want to change the order of these accounts, simply click on one of them. Then use the buttons with arrows just below the list of accounts to move the account you’ve selected either up or down. This changes the order of your accounts in the main Mail tab. The location of account’s subfolders and Local Folders and Archive can’t be changed.

Please note that changing the order is not the same as setting an account as default. The default account is always the one marked by a star, not necessarily the first one on the list.