eM Client (still) not syncing the Exchange block and allow list?


are there any plans to support the sync of the block and allow list from Exchange? (or the filters)
Looks like this has been asked 5 years ago and for me it still doesn’t work.

I’m using OWA (Exchange webmailer) quite often. So I have a well organized allow and block list on my Exchange server.

I really don’t want to do this job twice. Did I missed to enable some settings?


No, you did not miss anything, except maybe Paul’s comments in the thread you quoted. :wink:

Obviously when using multiple clients it is an issue with settings not being synced, and filters are a big one for me. I use three email clients, and none of them sync these kind of settings from the server, nor do they import them from each other. Server-side filters solve this problem, as then there is no need for duplicate filters on each device as it is done at the server before the message are even in your Inbox.

Thanks for your reply. I saw Paul’s answers, but 5 years is a long time.

Too bad, that this essential functions isn’t integrated.

Yeah I know, I have written some extra scripts running (using a cronjob, so it’s not live) to filter more specials rules and do some cleanups for me.

The only scenario where eM Client syncs these kind of things is in the re-branded version that works with IceWarp servers.  Otherwise, for the rest of us . . . . . .