EM Client stay in off line mode

After I upgraded to the latest version, EM client stays in offline mode. I can’t send or any emails unless I exit the program and restart it. I am in online mode and my activation key is valid. I don’t want to go back to Outlook…

I also get a login box that says “Server login fails” even though my email address and password are correct

Hi, if you go to File > Work Offline, is the option checked? Can you maybe try selecting the option and by doing it again, deselecting it?
Let me know if your emails get synchronized.

Thank you,

Nope, tried that already. To send or receive emails, I must shut down and then restart the program

I also deleted my email account and re-entered it as a new one. I no longer get the "Server Authentication " errors but still the only way to send/received is to shut down and restart the program

Just found a fix. I found on your blog an update v6.0.20121.0. I downloaded & installed, everything is working fine now

Hi glad it works now, just a follow-up question, what mail service are you using?
Are you by any chance using GoDaddy’s domain?

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Yes, I am. I called their tech support, but “they never heard of eM Client”, so that was the end of that.

Hi, yes we have some compatibility issues with GoDaddy which are however caused by their side, we’re in talks with them trying to find a solution however we are not able to fix their issue.

Please check the official topic for this issue, where a link for downloading an adjusted version to their current settings is provided. https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

Thank you, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this.