Em Client startup

Hi all. I am using the free version of em Client. When I click the em Client symbol on the taskbar, it opens but nothing happens. I have to either click on the update or some other place. Is that normal to click other places to load new emails?

Sorry , I can’t offer any pearls of wisdom, but if it is any consolation ,you are not on your own ! I have reported this same problem several times , but no one has come up with an answer. I some times have to click on the icon 3 or 4 times before the program will open, and even then it seems to take for ever !

I think Trond is asking about the application not connecting with the server after it opens.

Hello Ken. When I click on the taskbar em Client opens and when it is open nothing happens unless I click for example on inbox or refresh. Then new email would come in. Earlier when I had another intenet provider this went smooth for some reason. Maybe I was not quite detailed in my question in the beginning. Thank for feedback. :wink:

Some servers do not support IDLE (PUSH) IMAP, which is what eM Client uses. In that instance messages will not be synced because the server is waiting for the client to ask for new messages, and the client using IDLE IMAP is waiting for the server to announce new messages.

Who is your email provider Trond?

I am using Altibox.no as my internet provider.