eM Client Slow to Load Up Emails

Emails are taking forever to load up (i.e. white and gray flashing bar in the header of the message). There’s no rhyme or reason, some messages will load right up, others will take on average 25-30 seconds to load up. I am using Gmail with POP (IMAP is not an option for me). In terms of settings changes, the only one that I’ve done as directed by eM Support was to allow display unsafe content in all messages and always allow tracking. Those changes made no change in terms of speeding up emails loading so I changed them both back to their defaults. I have eM Client running on two separate Windows 10 computers and they are both experiencing this same issue. Internet speed is not a factor, this morning I’m getting 223Mbps down/36Mbps up and that is pretty consistent. No other applications are experiencing any issues. In fact, Outlook is working perfectly fine loading up emails fast, even Windows Live Mail which I am trying to get eM Client to replace is working fine and fast using the exact same email address in question. The only thing that I have noticed is 1.) the first few emails are slow and then things to speed up as I continue to open them, and 2.) if I right click on a sender to allow downloaded images then the next unopened email from that sender opens fast. The problem with that is that this is my “junk” email address, where I get hundreds of emails from different senders all of the time, so I won’t be able to keep up with manually allowing pictures to download on a sender by sender basis. Something is up with the way eM Client works with POP, and/or downloads image heavy emails, and/or some privacy setting that I have overlooked. At this point, I am several weeks into using eM Client as a replacement product for WLM, but if I cannot get those messages to load up as fast if not faster than a 10 year old discontinued MS product, then I’m going back to WLM :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can offer.

I notice this frequently on my system as well.

Interesting. I’ve been working with eM Client support directly on this for days. I actually had someone on with me this morning using TeamViewer, trying to replicate the issue for him, we tried several different ways but couldn’t get it to do it. But they know that there is an issue. As expected, it came back on me - my computer, my internet, etc. etc. Keep in mind that I am (was) running eM Client on two different, fairly new Windows 10 computers, the same computers that I’ve been running Outlook and WLM on without issue for years. My Internet speed is blazing. And I have had no issues whatsoever with any applications that I run except for this one. So I’m not buying it and I basically switched back to WLM this morning. Personally, my non-technical brain thinks that it is some combination of my using POP vs. IMAP (don’t like IMAP sorry), and/or graphically heavy or otherwise large emails with or without attachments, and/or some of those privacy rules that are blocking bad behavior but scanning for it and wasting resources in the process. I don’t know, I’m not a technical person, but I can tell when there’s an issue that I need to walk away from. I haven’t deinstalled eM Client yet, I am waiting and hoping that enough people step up with this issue to have them do something about it but I don’t think that will be the case. I will be staying in tune with this forum post and hopefully this problem will be identified and addressed. Otherwise, I wish you and the rest of the eM Client user base the very best of luck. Damn shame, I like eM Client better than WLM but I can’t be waiting around 25-30 seconds for an email to load up, that’s just crazy.

From their perspective, not everyone, or even most has an issue, so on a prima facie basis, it tends to rule out a problem with eM/C. And, of course, we only have the issue with eM/C, and not other eMail clients, so…etc. And compounding matters is the enormous complexities from software to hardware to all the networking points/jumps in between, any one of which can be pointed to as the supposed culprit, and the owner of each point along the way gets to point at all the others and say “Your Fault!” or “You can’t prove it’s my fault!”.

Anyhoo…out of curiosity, have you tried defaulting to text-based rather than HTML for reading? It just occurred to me so I haven’t yet, but I’ve wondered if it is the HTML rendering that takes so long? I’ll probably test for myself tomorrow when I get some time to dither around :–/

I have not tried that. I’ll try anything once :slight_smile: Can you please tell me where to make that change?

I Googled to figure it out (Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read > Read All Messages in Plain Text).

Opened a bunch of messages, no change. It was a good idea though, worth the try.

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Hello, Does anyone know if emClient has commands… for example if sending message from emclient application and I want the receiver email address to appear in more than one line in the message… example Gamadyne mailer email command is [[-Email-]] … what the command for emclient…

Your question is not really relevant to this thread/topic, aka a hi-jack.

I am having the same issue. It began for me three days ago. I have been using eM Client for more than a decade. I have it on two machines. One is a three year old Thinkpad with Windows 10, the other is a 2 month old Thinkpad with Windows 11. eM client was running fine on Monday on both. Now it takes 20 minutes to download a simple message with no attachments and no graphics. This is an eM Client issue, not a user issue.