eM Client showing read messages as still unread / deleted messages as still in inbox?

I am not sure if anyone else is experiencing this in the past perhaps 3 or 4 days. I thought this was a problem with my phone, but now it appears to be an issue I’ve localized to eM Client.

I have IMAP mail accounts. I check them both from my laptop (Windows 10 machine running the latest eM Client) and from my phone (an Android device running the latest K9 Mail)

I handle mail and such during business hours from my laptop and keep up with it outside of normal hours on my phone. When I’m in the car or relaxing before bed I still triage critical messages and generally clean up messages using my phone. Naturally, keeping things all sync’d is super important.

Starting 3 or 4 days ago, I started encountering messages that were read (or even archived or deleted) on my phone using K9 mail and seeing eM Client still show them in my inbox… often still unread, etc. I suspected this was a K9 mail problem on my Android device. (It has done iffy things in the past) I tried force-syncing, etc. (push vs pull on mobile can cause sync issues like this)

Today out of sheer frustration I logged directly into my server’s mailbox to see what the true, canonical state of the universe was… my IMAP account shows the phone message management to be working. Messages read on my phone appear read on the server. Messages deleted on the phone are deleted from the sever.

Why would eM Client still be showing these old messages as if they are unread, still in the inbox, etc? How can i force it to sync with the server? Has something changed in the past few days? This never happened before.

just an update: i bit the bullet and did “repair” on the folder and that’s fixed it for now, but naturally i hope to learn more about what may have caused that if anyone has suggestions.

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If your mailbox IMAP server end is ok, just means the local database cache or folder/folders got out of sync. So the repair option is designed to fix that. I’ve used the repair on the rare odd occasion my IMAP mail folders were not synching properly.

I would also suggest to do backups (if you don’t already) via “Menu / Backup” where if this happens again, and the repair doesn’t work, you could then restore your database & continue on.