eM Client sets old, deactivated server names for FastMail

When adding a FastMail account to eM Client using Automatic Setup, it incorrectly sets the IMAP and SMTP servers to FastMail’s old servers which have now been deactivated and no longer work.

The old server names for IMAP and SMTP mail.messagingengine.com , but these no longer work, and upon adding a FastMail account to eM Client, it fails to connect with the message: “Sorry, the messagingengine.com server names are no longer available”.

The correct server names should be:
IMAP: imap.fastmail.com
SMTP: smtp.fastmail.com

I have contacted FastMail about this, and they have confirmed this is an issue with eM Client and isn’t something FastMail can resolve themselves.

So can eM Client please resolve this so that FastMail accounts can be added to eM Client without issue?

You are correct, in 7.1.30794, eM Client provides outdated server settings for that domain in it’s providers list.

You will be happy to know that in more recent unreleased versions this has been corrected. :slight_smile: