Em Client Sends multiple (hundreds) of the same email

I went to sent emails to a few friends that I use all the time. One of them is my wife at my home. She asks why I keep getting her the same e-mail over and over.
So it seems that the offending e-mail was still sitting in my out box. Still sending itself over and over again.
What is going on. My friends say to me that their inbox is jammed with mail from me.

Go to Menu > Settings > General and make sure that Show Local Folders is selected.

Go the the Local Folder Outbox and delete the message.

Yes I get that, thank you. However that isn’t always possible. An example sending a message and going out. There is a problem with how eMclient works. This has happened a couple of times. Putting more than one address in bcc to send email to friends. Which I have been doing for close to 30 years. If one of those friends changes their address. Then eMclient should not send hundreds of emails to everyone. Stop sending that email and send me a message. Not send the same one hundreds of times. Not very logical programming in my opinion. IMO. Telling me to delete the bad one does not help. Please fix the problem.

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When an application sends an email, it uploads it to the server, then waits for the server to confirm it is OK before it finishes the operation. If the server does not respond at all even after receiving the message, or responds incorrectly, or responds that there is an error receiving the message from you, then the application will try to upload it again. So the process will go on and on, and the only recourse is to remove the message from the Outbox. That is the most likely scenario where recipients may get multiple copies of the same message.

This issue will not be caused by one of your recipients changing their address. If the email account has been closed, or you have used an incorrect address, the message will be sent normally, but later the destination server will reply to you that the account does not exist.

So if it is not getting through correctly to your server, then you need to find out where the problem is.

One thing you can try is to go to Menu > Operations and look for any SMTP errors in the Log tab.

Or maybe speak with your email provider as it is their server that is not accepting the message.

If that doesn’t help, and you have a Pro License purchased in the past 12 months, you can open a support ticket with eM Client.

It would be interesting to duplicate this. I wonder if one of the BCCs addresses is returning a soft error, and eMClient is thinking the entire message had an error and resends to everyone.

It’s more likely a soft error than a hard error, a soft error typically means the message can’t be delivered right now. An example would be a full mailbox or something similar.

The OP indicated several BCCs If the client has 10 deliveries to make, and 1-9 are OK, but #10 fails, the client should only retry #10, not 1-10. It sounds like it’s retrying 1-10. Almost as if the send status for the message is one value for the entire message, and not tracking success/failure for each address individually so it knows not to keep retrying.

Just theoretical based on OP’s description of the problem.

Hello thank you for responding. I have seen a message saying can’t deliver mess now. I thought that really odd. I have been e-mailing almost since the beginning. Way back with the military days with the new successor of arpanet. I phoned the contact and asked him to look at his inbox. He said he had a lot of emails, but was receiving some. Theoretically, how can I diagnose this problem. Thank you

I don’t know when I started emailing - sometime in the mid 80s. Earlier if you count messages on BBS, remember FIDO net? haha

I see two possibilities - either the mail server had issues, or eMClient had the issue. Did you get a bounce message indicating delivery issues? Or did you get a dialog window with the delivery error from eMC? If the former, the issue is likely not going to be with eMC, but with the mail server you sent mail through.

Assuming your message was sent to people with accounts not on the same mail server that your sending through, eMC would have connected to your SMTP server to send the message, and then once handed off eMC would be out of it. The server would attempt to reach out and send the message to the various servers of the people you’re sending to.

If everyone you sent to was on the same mail server as you, then eMC would have potentially received immediate indication of whether a recipient had a soft fail or not, but that’s not typical unless it’s email staying within an organization, and even then depending on the size of the organization there still could be multiple mail servers involved.

There are several ways to theoretically test this, but most of those may not be relevant depending on the details of your message and recipients and their servers. Plus, if it was a soft fail (temporary failure) causing a lot of retries on the server, and it is now resolved, even duplicating your message may not duplicate your original results.