eM Client seems to have a mind of its own

When deleting e-mails one at a time or in multiples the program will crash. Upon restarting the “deleted” e-mail are still there. This happens occasionally but often enough to be very frustrating. Any idea how to avoid this?


eMC version number?
Any error displayed or present in MENU > OPERATIONS > LOG?

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In addition to @sunriseal requests, does this occur when deleting from any folder or just some folders. Also any account, or just some accounts. Is there anything unusual with your setup? Have you run chkdsk to see if your drive is having issues?

This almost seems like a template that should be required to be filled in when registering a bug or issue. I think something like this is doable in Discourse. (might require a certain version or add-in, though.)

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Exactly… and possibly more…

I’m running version 9.0.549 (99661bb)

There are no error messages. The window simply closes, and I have to restart the program. Seems to happen only when I delete one or more messages.

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