em client says i have 36 unread emails but when i open unread emails folder there is none there.

do you have messages in SPAM or in “miscelaneous” (“Pêle Mêle” in French) folders?
Indeed, it seems that eMClient sum up all the folder but doesn’t display data from all…

It will be counting any email that is in Spam or even the Trash that you haven’t physically opened. We reported this as a bug and support seem to think our database is corrupted. It isn’t. It’s just flawed logic in the software that would be quick to fix.

I don’t think you are correct.  The “Unread” smart folder only reports unread messages in the inboxes, not spam or trash.  I assume you are using the Windows version?  It does sound like a database corruption.

Hi Jay. Both myself and a colleague are using the Mac version and see the same behaviour. Count for inbox will show unread as 2. When you look, all have been opened. Then you look in the trash and see 2 emails you bumped to trash without opening. 

Hi Scott,

I tested the issue in version 7.2.34711 and I can confirm that it works correctly. The Spam and Trash folders are not included in the Unread Smart folder count.

Send me please an email to: markosky@emclient.com together with an information in which version do you experience this behaviour.


I confirm, it now OK with this version.

I just replicated it again. I’m on the latest version .34711.

It seems to happen this why. If I delete a message on my mobile device without opening it, it goes to trash and then still shows in the unread messages smart folder. I did this with 2 emails. I’m using gmail on android for my work email and then of course emClient on Mac desktop. Please try it. If I go to the trash folder and click on the message, the count of the unread in smart drops accordingly.