eM Client runs update every time I open it

Every time I open eM mail it says my database was created by a later version of eM client. It then runs an update and opens correctly. It will work until I close it. Once I close it, the same thing happens the next time I open it: Error message saying database is from a later version of eMClient, update, runs fine. What is going on? I have a screen shot:

Sorry, newer version of programme.

Runs update every time:

I have exactly the same problem. Every time I try to open v.9 it gives me that message. I changed over to em Client fairly recently, now I have to change back to get v.8 and I am not confident. Do I have to export all my emails, or will there be a fix which must be affecting many users??

Now I’ve got it working OK. I had the Desktop shortcut pointing to the previous version.
When I open C;/Program Files (x86) it shows the folders eM Client, now also eM Clientold.
I changed the shortcut to eM Client/Mailclient.exe (changing from the old version to the new version) now it works OK with no failure messages.