eM Client Rule works for Gmail, but not for Outlook

I have a rule to send all sent mails to a SENT folder that I created in Archive folder.

When I send email from my Gmail account, the rule works.
When I send email from Outlook, it does not. The email shows in the normal Sent folder in Outlook, but not in the SENT folder under Archive.

Could somebody help please?

It is because there is no message for the Rule to move or copy at the time you click on Send. The MS server creates the message in its Sent folder some time later, and then it is synced back to eM Client via IMAP.

These Rules that apply to sent messages normally only work where eM Client creates the sent message itself.

But it works OK for Gmail. The email goes into the SENT folder in Archive. But it is different from Outlook - Gmail does not send it back to the Sent (Gmail) folder on my eM Client.

These Rules that apply to sent messages normally only work where eM Client creates the sent message itself.

I do write the message in eM Client, and click the Send button in eM Client item. What more can I do?

Can you suggest a work-around? Any other rule? Or new rule perhaps??

Or should I automatically archive the Outlook Sent folder every day? What triggers the auto archiving - when I switch the PC off at night, or something else?

The eM Client team could consider doing something about this.
Internet service providers are shifting email work to specialist email companies, and they will want us to pay for it.
The answer is to go Outlook or similar… There is added advantage in this - shopping around and changing internet providers without affecting one’s email address.

There is nothing that can be done. As I said there is no message to move or copy. It is only created later by the MS server.

It is a major flaw. Wouldn’t people want to keep record of messages they send out ?

Why is it that Gmail works, but Outlook does not? Is the Gmail system different from Outlook?

It means that I will have to do it manually every time I send Outlook message out. Move the message from Outlook Sent to my archive SENT.

Could you help me - how long do you think the sent message that is synced back from Outlook server will stay in the eM Client folder?

It is not a flaw, it is just the way the server does it.

Yes, a copy of the message is kept. The server creates it in the Sent folder. You can see that yourself, just click on the Sent folder either in eM Client or in webmail.

It will remain there until you delete it.

I said before that I can see the sent message that comes back from Outlook server.

The question was how long will it stay there?
Is it dependent on eM Client setting, or is it wiped out by Outlook server every day, or what?
If I could somehow find a way to keep them there indefinitely, until I myself delete them, that would help.

Until you delete it.

That would be OK if it stays there until I delete it. It becomes an archive.
But I suppose I will have to test it to make sure.