eM Client restore from another PC

Hi, I am struggling to restore my eM Client. I suffered an instant power failure on my old PC and bought new. On the old machine the working folder for eM Client was eM Client2., which I have downloaded from my cloud backup. It contains numerous files, mostly .dat  but it does contain a folder backup_202004291223 and others that are a log string of digits. My newly installed eM Client points to this folder, but every attempt to restore from any folder  results in a s"elected directory does not contain em client data files or were created by too old a version of eM Client". I don’t know what version of eM Client was on the old machine but it was installed about 4 years ago. Anyone any idea what I am doing wrong? Many thanks, Rick 

In the backup zip file, open the manifest.xml file with your favorite text editor. It will give you the version used to make the backup.

One option is to uninstall the version of eM Client you have now, delete or rename the current database directory (C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client), then download and install the version used to make the backup. Once that is installed, open the application, cancel any setup window, and do the restore.

You can get all previous version from the Release History.

One thing to note is that cloud backup options are generally useless for eM Client. No need to even try using that unless you are sure eM Client was closed when that was synced to the cloud.

I have fixed this by redownloading eM Client folder again from cloud backup and ia all sprang into life. Now issue where I apparantly have no licence so can’t send/receive mail. on web it will send me an activation key…to the mail address that can’t receive email 

You will need to use the web interface for that email provider to get the message.

I have a client whose machine crashed after a Windows Update. Would they have had to backup their data in emClient for me to get their contacts and folders back into the new machine. I can possibly use Linux on their crashed PC to get to the Appdata/Roaming folder to get the emClient folder and wondering if I can use that even if they did not do a backup. Someone else set it up and they don’t know if they had it backing up or not.

Thanks for any help!

If they have the backup zip file, which by default is created in their /Documents/eM Client/ folder, restore that using Menu > File > Restore. But it may not have all the data depending on how old it is.

If they don’t have a backup, then the original /AppData/Roaming/eM Client/ folder from the old PC is sufficient. Just copy it to their /AppData/Roaming/ location on the new computer and start eM Client.

Thank YOU! I will try this tomorrow. Will they lose the emails that have downloaded since last Thursday if my solution is to just copy the original eM Client folder over?

That depends on how the account is setup in eM Client. If it is IMAP or Exchange, then the messages are stored on the server, so there will be no loss.

If the account is setup as POP3, or the messages have been moved to Local Folders, then yes, they will be lost. In that instance, you would need to export any data you want to keep before replacing the database with the previous one. Once that is done, you can import the exported data again.

I am at the new machine now, and even thought I have eM Client installed, there is no eM Client folder in documents? Does this seem strange?

The eM Client folder in Documents is only created once the first backup on that computer runs.

We got all the folders and contacts but it is not sending out messages. Only receiving. Something about an activation. Any help? Thanks