eM Client program versus eM Client app (Windows 10) - Any difference?

I happened across the eM Client as an app for Windows 10 at:

(release date of 2/21/2019)

The Downloads page (https://emclient.com/download) doesn’t list the app.

Is there a difference between the Win32 API (program) version of eM Client and the WinRT (UWP aka app) version of eM Client?  Is the app version crippled compared to the program version?

Hello VanguardLH,

The Win 32 program and the Windows Store version are both technically identical.The only difference is in the installation, updating and licensing which is done through MS Store.


Yes, in other words, there IS indeed a difference. At the very least, the Windows app version is older.
Today I installed the latest desktop version 8.2.1237 to replace the latest app version which was 8.1.1054. That in itself is an argument for the desktop version. I also noticed that the icons are different: the desktop icon is smaller.

I quit the app (UWP) and moved to the desktop (Win32) program, because there was no setting to start the app on login. Couldn’t make the app a startup program. I had to remember to start the app after logging in to make sure that it was loaded and polling for new e-mails, and issue calendar reminders. The desktop version can be configured as a startup program, so I decided to stick with that version.

Oh, and I remember having difficulties with Hotmail/Exchange. The app version would stop connecting to my Hotmail account. Automatic updates stopped. I couldn’t get manual updates to work. There was some error about connecting to the server, but it’s been too long for me to remember. The Hotmail account in the app went dead. The only solution that worked was to delete the Hotmail account in the app, and recreate it. Then the account would start working in the app … for awhile until it went dead later. After dumping the app and going to the desktop version, I haven’t had this problem since I started this thread 2 years ago.

I haven’t tested the app in the 2 years since I inquired about any difference. I noted the release date for the app when I started this inquiry was 2/21/2019. I just checked today, and the release date is still 2/21/2019, so it has not been updated in 2 years. Meanwhile, the desktop program has been updated 31 times since that date. The date is what is stated on the app page at Microsoft’s Store, so it reflects what its author claims. The app didn’t survive very long on my PC. The desktop version is more reliable than the app.

I have considered purchasing the Pro version ($50) mostly to let me report defects in the GUI settings for the desktop version. However, of all the added features for the Pro version listed at https://www.emclient.com/pricing, the only feature I want is to remove the limitation of 2 accounts maximum. I don’t need nor would use any of the other Pro versions. $50 to get support for more than 2 accounts is too much. If they had an intermediate payware version for, say $20, that removed the account cripple (and perhaps added a couple other Pro features, like support) then I’d buy it. But $50 to get a license key that disables the 2-account cripple is too much. I don’t want all the other features of the Pro version, just unlock of the 2-account cripple.