EM Client program and contacts are gone

I was merging duplicates. I had over 1200 dups. 10 minutes later the program was gone along with my contacts. I need help finding my account. I am freaking out. Contacts for life. Thank you.

I am on windows 10. Contacts were in em client and Microsoft. Thanks.

domingo 31 marzo 2024 :: 1305hrs (UTC +0100)

To confirm are you saying that eMC has been deleted from your system or only Contacts?
As a long time user of eMC, I presume you will have been making regular Backups and one immediately prior to running deduplicate.
In the worst case if eMC has been deleted from your system you can download the same version from: RELEASE HISTORY
and reinstall using your Backup file to bring you back to the position you were in before deduplicating.
If you do reinstall do not proceed to setup but use Menu ->File ->Restore at this point to recover your Settings, Accounts, Contacts etc.
If you are able to locate & run on your system you can also use Restore.
You do not say but you should reboot your system to see if eMC appears.
The default location for Backup files is …Documents/emclient


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Thank you. I lost emclient and contacts. I did not back up before merging duplicates. In fact, I failed to back up in a long time. I am older and am having a hard time keeping up. I get a meesage that I modified recently and nothing shows up. I have rebooted and nothing. Based on my answer, and as simple as you can make it what should I do? Thanks again so much.