eM Client picks name from other email headers for outgoing message to contact

I just noticed this behavior: my wife has two email addresses I write to frequently: jdoe@provider1.com and jdoe@gmail.com. I have both addresses in her contact named “Jane Doe.” I do not have a nickname of any sort. My son has her gmail address as “Mom” in his contacts, and messages from him to both of us show “Dad” and “Mom” in the headers.

Then when I compose an email to my wife, it shows “Mom” in the header if I pick the gmail address. Her gmail address won’t even show up if I spell out “Jane Doe,” although once I type “jdoe@gmail.com” it displays “Jane Doe <jdoe@gmail.com>” as an option. then when I choose the name, it renames it to “Mom” again. I understand that incoming names are defined by the headers, but how is eM Client grabbing my wife’s nickname from a different sender when I compose one to her (not a reply or reply-all, just a new message)?

Just a quick update: I sent my wife 6 emails today. The first 3 were directly to her and correctly show “Jane Doe” in the header for her gmail account. Then my son wrote us a “Dad” and “Mom” message. when I hit reply-all, her name shows up as “Mom.” Then I composed two different emails after that, and eM Client retained the name “Mom” even though it had nothing to do with my son’s message. Closing and re-opening the app didn’t change the behavior. Does it cache the learned name for a period of time before releasing it back to what I want to call her instead of what somebody else wants to call her?